We’re Reopening: Here’s What You Need to Know

We want to share how we are preparing to reopen for business on Friday, May 15 and what changes you can expect. We know you are eager for a change of scenery and ready to get back to work. 

Following CDC guidelines, healthcare professionals advice and guidelines provided by the government, we have made the following adjustments:

Business Hours

Staffed hours will be adjusted to Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm. Platinum members and Residents will still have 24/7 access to the building.


We are suspending snack services until further notice. Members will still have access to coffee; however, if the coffee is out, cold, or running low, please let staff know. 

You will still have access to drinks in the cooler, and ask that members and guests only take them from the front of the cooler. Everyone is encouraged to wash or sanitize their hands before reaching for a drink, then please wipe down the door handles with provided sanitizing wipes when you are finished.


To maintain social distancing guidelines, Only one person is allowed into the kitchen at a time. Wash or sanitize your hands upon entering the kitchen and please make sure to disinfect all areas touched before leaving this space. During this time, all non-essential items, including snacks, will be removed from the kitchen.

Conference Rooms

Premium and Platinum Level members will have access to booking conference rooms as their membership allows. Room capacity will be reduced and varies based on room size:

> For all Small Rooms (Conference Rooms 2 and 3): We are encouraging no more than one person in these rooms unless you already cohabitate or work closely with the other person. These rooms will have two chairs at the table so please do not add chairs or have more than two people inside.

> For all Large Rooms (Conference Rooms 1,4,5, and 6): Please limit the number of people in the room so that each member can remain at least 6ft. apart from one another. Chairs have been removed to limit the number of people so please do not add more chairs or occupy the room beyond the reduced capacity.

A Disinfecting spray is available in each room to use when your booking time has ended. We appreciate your help in wiping down all touched surfaces; i.e. the table, armrests, light switches, and door handles. 

Hot Desks

Tables available in the common areas and training room have been converted to Hot Desks and will need to be reserved through the Cornerstone Coworking app. These are set up for use by a single individual for the entire day. This will help ensure you are the only one at that workspace for the day. All desks/tables will be deep cleaned each night and disinfectant supplies will be provided for you to clean the space before and after your use.

They are spaced apart to maintain CDC and OSHA social distancing and safe workspace guidelines. 

No more than one person is allowed to sit at a table unless you already cohabitate or otherwise work closely with the other person. Please do not move tables or add chairs.

Training Room

Events in the Training Room are suspended until further recommended guidelines allow for larger gatherings. Until then, tables will be used as hot desks and spaced out for one person to sit at each table–please do not move tables. Sanitize your area before leaving with the available disinfecting cleaning spray located on each table. This includes the table, chairs, and other used surface areas.


Commercial cleaning services will continue Sunday through Thursday nights with CDC recommended disinfectants, Procure and Virex, with a focus on high-traffic and frequently touched areas.

Your Help

While our staff will be cleaning high traffic and high touch areas regularly and working to clean work surfaces throughout the day, we ask you to help us keep your fellow coworkers safe by keeping the facility as clean as possible. This includes:

  • – Stay home and contact a doctor if you feel you have any symptoms or have been around anyone who is known to have had COVID-19 or is experiencing symptoms
  • – Regularly washing and sanitizing your hands. Hand sanitizer is provided at the spaces below throughout the building
    • > Front desk upon entrance
    • > Cafe
    • > Inside the restrooms
    • > Outside the restrooms
    • > Inside the kitchen
    • > Outside the kitchen
    • > Between Conference Rooms 4 & 5
    • > Along hallway window outside of the training room
    • > Back table inside the Training room 
  • – Following CDC guidelines for face coverings
  • – Using the disinfecting supplies provided to clean work areas, desks, tables, etc prior to and after usage
  • – Do not rearrange the furniture. If you need to move something for any reason, please seek out one of our staff members for help
  • – If you become diagnosed with COVID-19, please let our staff know so we can take appropriate steps to communicate with everyone and properly disinfect the entire space
  • – Follow all other CDC recommended Social Distancing Guidelines


We understand this is a lot of information to process. If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, we are having a Virtual Happy Hour to open the floor to your questions. 

To RSVP to our Virtual Happy Hour on Tuesday, May 12 at 12pm, click here!


Stay Diligent, Stay Productive, Stay Safe, and Stay Positive! 

Cornerstone Team


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