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Cornerstone Coworking was established based on a distinct need to have more space. And not just any space. A space that not only boasted modern technology and convenient access, but one that also feels comfortable and welcoming – just like your own office.

The modern era of work has many different forms. While some companies prefer the formal atmosphere of a traditional office environment, others opt for a more laid back atmosphere – a setting that resonates with their own personal style and an environment that complements their industry. For these companies and entrepreneurs, the concept of coworking is an ideal fit.

Coworking is about building a community of professionals who are more productive, innovative and successful because they can collaborate.

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note that all rooms now have ceilings for more privacy

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Becoming a member of Cornerstone Coworking will provide you with a community of professionals, that organically inspire, motivate and encourage you personally and professionally. All while working in a trendy space equipped with the latest technology and unlimited coffee!

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