Time Management Tips For When You Work Alone


If you read our blog post last week, you learned how working around people (like in our Coworking space!) helps your brain focus better. It’s scientifically proven that working around another person who is exerting effort will help you work too. But we understand you can’t always make time for our space or you simply need a break from people. When other hard-working people aren’t surrounding you, there are still ways to stay focused and maintain good time management practices. We’ve listed five ways to help you when all you want is some peace and quiet, as well as productivity.


1) Create an Hourly Schedule

The best way to manage your time is with a trusty planner and to-do list. Take time the evening before work and plan out your day with the most important priorities listed first. Leave the least important tasks for the bottom of your list and pick them up the next day. If you work best with a more detailed list, plan out your day by the hour – and include breaks during this time.

2) Organize Your Surrounding

For the love of everything tidy, organize your workspace! If you work in a messy space, one of two things will happen: 1) you’ll procrastinate because you need to clean your space, or 2) you’ll continuously get distracted because of all the junk around you. Create a place for all your stuff and make sure it always gets put back–and sometimes out of sight, out of mind works great in these scenarios.

3) Work Sprints

Sometimes the issue isn’t our focus but the task at hand. Working isn’t always fun but there are some projects we really need help focusing on and work sprints are the way to get it done. Set yourself away from distractions and give yourself 45-60 minutes to only work on one project. Then, give yourself a 15-20 minute break and start again until the job is done!

4) Don’t Multitask

It sounds like a great plan and a brag-worthy quality, but multitasking is ineffective. You’re better off focusing on one item at a time instead of doing a few small ones at a time. This is a great reason to use a detailed planned so you can mark off one item as a time as you finish them.

5) Exercise Your Mind and Body

Although you should already do this, we know it’s hard. But with better time management, you’ll be able to set aside parts of your day for reading and exercising. Adding physical and brain exercises helps your overall work performance, allowing you to think clearer and feel better.