Our Favorite Thanksgiving Recipes

Written by Samantha Proctor

Does it make your stomach turn that Thanksgiving is NEXT WEEK? Where did the year go? If you inherited the planning gene from your great grandma and have had your Thanksgiving menu and grocery shopping done for the past 2 weeks, I applaud you. But honestly, we aren’t those people! We’re the wait-until-the-last-minute and shop-the-day-before kind of people. While we’re trying to get better, we have found the ultimate cheat sheet courtesy of the Cornerstone Team! Feel free to steal them and claim them as your own–make grandma proud! 

  1. Baked Mac and Cheese: This is a must have for Kasey! She loves the gooey noodles and how delicious it is fresh out of the oven! Let’s not forget the crispy cheesy crust on top. Our bellies are rumbling just thinking about it! 
  2. Cranberry Sauce: Charity’s go-to! For her, it doesn’t feel like Thanksgiving without it. No need to get fancy, straight out of the can and sliced is her preference! Don’t mess with a classic, am I right? 
  3. Sweet Potato Casserole w/ pecans or w/ marshmallows: This one is a toss up with the Cornerstone fam. Whichever you prefer, you’re getting your veggies in with this side! 
  4. Pineapple Casserole: Okay, before you start judging, don’t bash it until you’ve tried it! This is the perfect blend of sweet and salty. To be honest, our family might eat this for a meal and also for dessert! 
  5. Monkey Bread: In the Proctor household, this is our go-to Thanksgiving breakfast tradition! We take all the kiddos into the dining room to make monkey bread while the grown ups prep the turkey and sides! There is nothing better than hot monkey bread with a big glass of milk! 

Share with us your favorite Thanksgiving foods! We’d love to add them to this list.

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