Member Spotlight: Harrison + Luke

Once members sign up, it’s hard to imagine them not in our space. When Harrison and Luke signed on, we knew they would pour into our sense of community. They are also a great duo for bringing the jokes and spilling some wine. Get to them below with a brief description of what they do and how much they love Cornerstone!
Harrison has been a Lawrenceville local his whole life. When he’s not wasting away in Hawaii, he’s actively investing in real estate around the greater Atlanta area. He’s actively involved at New Bridge Church whose community he’s been a part of for many years.
Much like Harrison, Luke is also a Lawrenceville local. His primary occupation is writing abstruse software code for a tech startup. He also attends New Bridge Church as well as the International House of Prayer Atlanta.
Cornerstone has been the cornerstone of their relationship (pun intended). Expeditiously, Luke and Harrison started actively working together and ensuring that Slow Pour stays in business. Now, they have several businesses including (but not limited to) real estate investing, ecommerce, and audacious cryptocurrency investing.