Issues in Gwinnett You Can Help Solve

The holidays are exciting for many of us, but for some it brings on a lot of anxiety and questions. As you prepare for Thanksgiving meals and Christmas presents, we hope you think of those in our community who are not as privileged. There are many issues facing Gwinnett County, and a majority of them are not too large for you to impact. Below you will find a few issues and ways you can help anyone affected.

Food Insecurity

Although food insecurity affects people all throughout the year, it hits families harder during holidays and school breaks. During this time, many students lose their guaranteed meal for the day, causing parents who do not have sources for food to wonder how they will prepare an additional meal. Luckily, there are numerous food pantries and co-ops through the county. All you have to do is bring what they need. There is the Lawrenceville Co-op, CarePointe Community Outreach, and Overcomers House. There are even more throughout the county, but share boxed and canned meals with those who are in need this upcoming winter break.

Cost of Christmas

Presents are always a major way to give back to the community. Children all around Gwinnett come from homes without the additional cashflow to afford presents, clothes, and everyday necessities. Last year, Cornerstone had the opportunity to partner with Home of Hope to sponsor a family for the holidays. With the help of employees and members, we were able to donate clothes, toys, cookware, and more. But there are more organizations like these throughout Gwinnett!


Every community can use additional hands when it comes to education. There are avenues for every age and grade to get involved and share your knowledge. Within Gwinnett County Public Schools, you have the opportunity to donate to their foundation and offer mentoring. Through mentoring, you have the opportunity to create life-long change in someone’s life. As their encourager, supporter, and helper, you can pave their way for success.

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