How to Participate in Giving Tuesday


We can agree donating your time, energy, or money is possible to do any time of the year. However, some people need another reason or push to gather friends, family or coworkers for one cause. Giving Tuesday is the extra reason to volunteer or donate! December 3, 2019 is a day to devote your energy into giving back. Whether it is a neighbor or local organization, we encourage you to get out and do something kind for someone else. 

In this holiday season, there are numerous individuals and families in need of something you have the ability to supply–especially in Gwinnett County. To learn where you are needed, click here! We even found some of our members on their list: Obria Medical Clinics is in need of your time, energy, or monetary donations. If you are interested in volunteering with them, learn more about their objectives here.

Let us know if you’re able to volunteer local this Giving Tuesday!