Healthy On-the-Go Breakfast Ideas

Mornings are difficult. Not only are you trying to hold on to every minute under your covers, but you’re also preparing for a productive day. Your mornings ultimately set that day’s mood. When they’re rushed, you feel flustered all day; when they’re easy and calm, you tend to find yourself more productive. But somewhere in the mixture of calm mornings and getting ready, there doesn’t seem much time for eating a healthy meal. If you’ve made health and fitness part of your 2019 resolution, you need to find healthy breakfast ideas without spending too much time in the kitchen. Hopefully these ideas below will help you start your day feeling great and not missing a beat.

Microwave Omelette

You’re probably thinking a microwaved meal isn’t healthy, but this is a great option when you’re rushing out the door. All you need are a couple of eggs, some milk, onions, scallions, and cheese. Then microwave for about one minute and taa-daa: a perfect omelette. Microwave times may vary, so make sure your omelette is fully cooked before diving into this quick and healthy breakfast. Also, opt for low-fat milk and cheese to add more “health” to your healthy breakfast.


Oatmeal Squares

“Oh It Glows” blogger Angela has taken a regular bowl of oatmeal and made it the perfect on-the-go snack. The beauty of these squares is, just like oatmeal, you can dress them up. Add in your favorite variety of fruits, dark chocolate, or jam. Angela recommends cutting a square in half and adding some jam or almond butter in the middle for a little oatmeal sandwich. Because these take a longer to make, prep and bake these the night before to enjoy in the morning.


Avocado Toast

On the easier side, this quick breakfast is a no brainer. You’ve most likely heard about the avocado craze over the past few years, but this takes trend to a practical level. This recipe calls for whole grain bread, ricotta cheese, and slices of avocado. While avocado isn’t always necessary for this easy meal idea, you can keep the toast but add healthy alternatives. Adrianna, “Cozy Kitchen” blogger and kitchen guru, shows a few more of her favorite ways to enjoy a toasty breakfast.


“Power” Muffins

Dubbed “power muffins” for their ability to keep you feeling full and great, these little snacks are perfect for breakfast. Although these aren’t necessarily a quick meal, you can prep them to bake in the morning or bake them at night to reheat. They also require quite a few ingredients, but Brooke, blogger of Finger Prickin Good, raves about their delicious flavor.


Apples + Almond Butter

Okay, put the pen down. This recipe calls for two ingredients, apples and almond butter (or peanut butter) – two very inexpensive yet tasty foods. This is great for anyone who is looking for simple and budget friendly meals. If you’re curious about the difference between peanut butter and almond butter, know this: if you’re needing protein opt for peanut butter; if you more concerned with health and vitamin intake opt for almond butter.

Hopefully these meals give you ideas for you to take or tweak as your own. Let us know in the comments below which ones you’ve tried and loved!

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