Happy Fry-Yay!!


You know we have our silly questions to ask you guys each month! Well, this month’s came up with a conversation with my silly husband that say Booger King (oops, Burger King) has great french fries… WHAT?! I should’ve done more digging before I said I do 🤪.
Well, we asked some of you and my goodness, you had STRONG opinions! We love it!!! Check out the officially official ranking of french fries from our super loyal Cornerstone family!


without further ado… the BEST french fries are as follows:

3. The Varsity!! This was shocking to me – I didn’t even know the Varsity had fries, I’m a Varsity Onion Ring + Frosted Orange kind of girl! But you all love their fries! I’ll have to give them a try next time!

Tied for Second:

5 Guys fries – these are Charity’s worst but you all love them!

Chick-fil-A – you guys LOVE the waffle fries and I don’t blame you a bit!

Drum roll please….



McDonalds!!! To be honest, I did not see that one coming! haha! 


Now for the worst.. This one wasn’t shocking to me, but you guys are passionate about the worst fries! It gave Charity and myself a pretty good laugh!


3. Wendy’s.. the overall discussion was that Wendy’s had great fries until a few years ago… so take note Wendy’s, Cornerstone says to get back your old fries!

2. McDonalds – isn’t it funny that this was on the best and worst list?!

The worst fries.. by a landslide! This was almost unanimous… 

BOOGER KING! gross. Glad we could all agree on this one!


Thanks for playing! What are we going to ask you next month? Stay tuned for whatever kind of shenannigans Charity and I can come up with!