Why Cornerstone Coworking Should be Your Home this Summer

You don’t want to fill your summer with work, but as an adult you don’t really have a choice in the matter. But you do have a choice in where you work! When you’re at home, distractions surround you. Whether it’s kids or laundry, it’s difficult to focus. Lucky for you, finding a coworking space will benefit your working habits. Even if you’re at an office and want a different scenery, you will find something new at Cornerstone Coworking. We love opening our space to the community and welcoming numerous career types, and we hope you find a reason to visit us for the summer. To help you decide if our coworking space is right for you, I’ve picked a few of my favorites features.

The Work Environment

I’ve mentioned a lot about our bright and open space (and it really is my favorite part) but it plays a major role in our atmosphere. When you walk in and see the sun coming through and people working, you want to join them. It’s been scientifically proven that you work better when you’re surrounded by other people who are focused and working on a task, and I personally believe adding some sun rays to the mix helps you maintain a healthy mindset. We’re also within walking distance of amazing restaurants, so your lunch break will feel as great as the rest of your work day.

Conference Rooms

We offer three levels of membership: Standard, Premium, and Platinum. Only Premium and Platinum include Conference Room hours, but you have an at-cost access to the rooms with a Standard membership as well. Each room is a little different in size but offers the privacy you need to knock each task off your list. Whether you need one for a few minutes or all day, you’ll love every feature – including a TV, white board, and telephone.

Coffee + Snacks

Depending on your needs, this may not be as exciting to you, but it’s for sure a talking point around here. Throughout the day we offer complimentary snacks, sodas, and Jittery Joe’s coffee. It comes in handy when you’re searching for a midday snack or waiting for a late conference call. We also have a few members who enjoy taking a break from their work to enjoy a snack while going on a walk or hanging with us at the booth.

We hope we’re seen as a resource for whatever your needs are this summer! If you don’t think a membership is for you right now, check out our Day Pass option and/or Guest Rates! I think you’ll find more than one reason to call Cornerstone Coworking your home this season.

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