Tips for Working the Day After Christmas


Getting back to work after any holiday requires some adjustments, but Christmas needs an extra special touch (which includes complete silence and extra coffee). If you’re lucky to have the week of Christmas off, we hope you enjoy every moment relaxing and spending time with your family. For those going back to work on the 26th, our prayers are with you. We hope you’re able to enjoy your holiday without work looming over you, but if you’re already dreading the alarm going off, we have some tips to help you get through the day.

Treat Yourself

Christmas was stressful so you’ve earned a Trenta Latte with an extra shot from Starbucks or maybe that donut from Krispy Kreme (or both). To get you motivated for the day ahead, start with something that excites you. You could even hold off on opening a gift you’ve been excited about. Whatever makes you roll out of bed and lites a fire under you, do it!

Keep Meals Simple

You may not feel like meal prepping or eating leftovers, so keep your meals simple on the first day back to work. Opt for a quick (and healthy) breakfast. There are tons of recipes on Pinterest that make your mornings easy so you can enjoy every moment under the covers. For lunch, take a walk down to your favorite restaurant. Then for dinner, go out with one or two friends.

Work Work Work

Because working is the last thing you want to do, create a practical to-do list for the day. Write out your tasks in order of priority and make a point to finish each one. Get to work early (coffee and donut in hand) and only work your typical number of hours. If you always work 8 hours/day, do that. Don’t take a half day or work overtime. Stay focused and have a successful and productive first day back.

No Christmas Music

I doubt this is a difficult one for you, but stay far away from the Christmas music. The holidays are over so pack it all up and keep it for next year. Instead, find a playlist that helps your mind stay on task. If you have to use your phone, make sure notifications are turned off so you aren’t interrupted with emails or messages.

Make After-Work Plans

Make plans after work so you have something to look forward to during the day. Whether it’s a movie at home or dinner with friends. Commit to the plans and have fun. Since the holiday stress is over and the new year is on its way, make a point to enjoy the last few days of 2018 with the ones you love.

We hope these tips make your day a little easier and merrier! For those who don’t know, we are closed December 22-January 1. We hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season and uses this opportunity to rest.