Summer Team Building Activities

Summer is full of distractions. Between work and personal vacations, you may notice a disconnect with your team. For a successful team, communication and intentional interactions are key. When you’re in the middle of summer and there are hundreds of thoughts and plans brewing in your mind, it’s important to create time for your team to step back, do something fun, and keep up quality relationships. Since you’re itching to get out and do something fun anyway, we’ve thought of a few ways to have fun with your team this summer. Keep reading for some of our favorite summer activities, then let us know in the comments below which one you’re planning for you team!

Cooking Class

You’d probably rather take a cooking class and sip wine with your spouse, but this is a great way to get your team together for something fun. Yes, Chef! offers a variety of class types in the Atlanta area and has specific classes for corporate team building. Use this as an opportunity for photo ops, team work, and learning culinary skills to take home – and definitely enjoy a glass or two of wine.

Trivia Night

A lot of local restaurants and breweries host themed trivia nights. If you have the flexibility to spend a few hours one night with your team, this would be a great way to break down some walls. Battle & Brew, located in Sandy Springs, has Geek Trivia for all of us nerds out there. They also have different gaming stations if you’re not wanting to play trivia. If you want something closer to Lawrenceville, visit Slow Pour’s BINGO night – it’s not trivia but it’s just as fun!

Game Night

Keep this one in the office for a super simple and fun night. This is also a great option if you’re wanting a family friendly experience. Have your team bring in a potluck style dinner and lots of board/card games. You can also play a movie in the background for kiddos who can’t focus on a game.

Volunteer Day

Nights out are fun, but having a volunteer day for you team is a great way to impact your city and get everyone out of the office. Look for local organizations and nonprofits in need of volunteers. Most animal shelters or co-ops need volunteers, especially during the summer. Use sites like VolunteerMatch to find local opportunities.


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