Skills to Learn This Summer

For many of us, the era of summer break is a thing of the past. I sometimes miss lazy summer days and the two-month break from reality but there’s so much more I can do now as a full-time employed 20-something. While many people are taking vacations and finding any moment to relax, you should use this time to learn a new skill. If you have a chance at free time, it’s probably now. Even if the kids are home from school, there are fewer sports and afternoon activities requiring your attention. If you’re interested in learning a new skill, I’ve listed a few of the top skills to learn this year and how you can actually learn them.

Graphic Design

If you’re an entrepreneur and wanting to save some money, then you should start creating your own graphics. It takes longer than a summer to really nail the skill, but you’ll be thankful you did it. You don’t have to spend a lot of money when you’re starting out either. There are plenty of free outlets to learn and practice graphic design. Canva has a lot of tools, templates, and advice on creating graphics and makes learning them easy. It’s definitely the easiest and quickest way to dabble in this art. Then, when you’re ready to move up, purchase Adobe’s Creative Cloud. Also, follow graphic designers on social media for inspiration. There is nothing wrong with taking a design that you love and recreating it to fit your style/branding.


Not only is learning a new language beneficial to your career, but it’s also great for your mind. There are tons of amazing apps and classes you can take to learn Spanish or another language that peaks your interest. Globally, people who are bilingual have more job opportunities than those who only speak one language, and a large portion of people outside of the United States grow up learning other languages. You can use the classic Rosetta Stone or choose a more economical app like Duolingo.


Coding is a specific skill to learn and you may not benefit from it immediately, but it’s great to learn if you’re looking to move into a new career field. In its most basic definition, coding is writing multiple lines of code to create a software program. Learning this skill will allow you to create your website exactly the way you’ve dreamed it. With coding, there are zero limitations. Although it is confusing to start out, you’ll need to research and decide if you want to learn HTML, JavaScript, or CSS. A great place to start your research and learning process is with CodeAcademy.


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