Redefining Your Work Break: The Benefits of Working Outside

Written by Samantha Proctor

Can we just talk about the beautiful weather we’ve had lately? There is something about a beautiful day that makes me feel happy and productive. I’m currently sitting outside at Cornerstone Coworking. Every year, they set patio furniture outside so coworkers can soak up some sun while taking a break or finishing projects. There are numerous health benefits to gain from being outside. Whether you’re wanting to increase your mental or physical health, you can find a reason to enjoy the sun and warm weather.

For me, stepping outside on a warm Spring or Summer day is like a breath of fresh air. My stress immediately decreases when I feel the sun on my skin. According to Lisa Evans’s article called “Why You Should Take Your Work Outside,” the effect nature has on our body is like a drop of morphine to the brain. Enjoying time outside lowers your blood pressure and heart rate, which consequently increases your focus and attention span.

If you’re at Cornerstone and find it difficult to sit outside and check tasks off your to-do list, then take a break outside. There are many wonderful places on the square to eat lunch, grab a drink, or even an ice cream cone! Also, (a fun little tidbit) did you know there’s a park at the corner of Constitution Blvd and Culver Street? I love having picnics there when the sun is out! It’s easy to step away from your responsibilities and regroup when you’re surrounded by nature. I bet when you get back to your desk, you’ll be as productive as you were when you had that first cup of coffee this morning.

On a physical health note, a little extra sun never hurt anybody (unless you’re not getting it naturally–we don’t want you using tanning beds, friends). Natural Vitamin D (which comes from the sun) helps boost your immune system, reduce depression, and even supports healthy weight loss. I did some digging into a few blogs at and was shocked to find all the wonderful benefits of Vitamin D. But if you’re enjoying these benefits, make sure you have the right protection with sunscreen!


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