Back at it to finish out Q4!


4th Quarter – it’s here and we’re determined to help you finish out this year strong! Are you sick of the football analogies? Well sorry, this blog post might not be the one for you! 🙂 

We’re back from summer, and the holidays are on the horizon. We know that many of you take a lot of time off around Thanksgiving + Christmas, but it’s crucial that you keep up with the grind until then. We’ve found a few tips to help keep up the momentum you’ve had all year, while managing to avoid burnout! 

Work + Life Balance: This is so so important, not just at the end of the year but all year long. Our motto around here is that we do not live to work, we work to live. Yes, your dreams, goals and career are important, but they do not define you. What defines you is your values, your interests, your family and the life you create. Keeping the separation between your personal life and your work life is alot easier said than done, but it’s also a necessary boundary to set. For some tips on how to do this, pop over to a blog written by our favorite, Charity Estes! 

Relationship Management: No matter what you do – run a non-profit, marketing, web design, accounting, investments, the list goes on and on… your business is directly connected to the relationships you make each and every day. Have you followed up with the lead from two months ago? What about the person who reaches out every November with a new branding idea? Get ahead of the game with these types of clients. Keeping and maintaining strong relationships will definitely help you push through Q4 and launch 2023 stronger than ever! 

Plan, plan, plan: I’m a planner to my core, so this tip comes very naturally to me! But these next few weeks + months are going to fly by, before you know it you’ll be eating turkey with your family for Thanksgiving. So it’s best to look at your calendar now. See what you have coming up, what you need to put on your calendar (personal + work related) and go from there. Having a detailed plan will help make your days more efficient as well as help keep you more on task than if you’re just rolling through the motions each day. 

We know that 2022 has flown by and it isn’t going to slow down until January – or maybe ever… who knows! We want you to have all the necessary tools to help wrap up this next year as efficiently as ever! 

As always, if you have anything to add, please let us know! We love having each of you as a part of the Cornerstone family + supporting all of your business ventures!