Prayer Plans for Your Business

This month, as we focus on praying over businesses, we want to help you get started with options for guided prayer time. Sometimes it’s difficult to narrow down what to pray for or it’s difficult to pray with authority. Below you’ll find a few options for devotionals or guided prayer specifically related to business. We hope you are able to find ways to apply these to your business, goals, and personal life.

Demonstrating God’s Presence In Business: This plan walks you through God’s desire to use Christian entrepreneurs in the workplace to bring transformation through His presence. It is a 4-day reading plan using Scripture to support the ways God is present in your business.

Demonstrating God’s Love in Business: Entrepreneurs have a vantage point with unique opportunities to show God’s love in the workplace and minister to people who would never know the Gospel. In this 4-day plan, you will read through Scripture to learn the ways you can reflect God’s love in your business.

Good Ideas vs. God Ideas in Business: As an entrepreneur, you are constantly filled with ideas. However, not all ideas are from God and worthy of pursuit. This 5-day plan offers Biblical insight to help you discern the good ideas from the God ideas.

THE PRINCIPLES for Business: Formerly known as Good Business Daily, this 31-day plan includes principles of work, leadership, and business. You can read one principle per day, or read through them as issues occur in your business.  THEPRINCIPLES were recorded by authors skilled in business and amassed great wealth. Moses learned mathematics from the Prince School of Egypt. Solomon traded internationally and built cities. Matthew, who recorded Jesus’ Gospel, was a tax collector. THEPRINCIPLES change the way we work and improve our culture. Following this plan will prove to bring great reward to your business, organization, and your life’s work!

The Comeback: It’s Not Too Late and You’re Never Too Far: This reading plan includes seven daily devotions based on Louie Giglio’s book The Comeback: It’s Not Too Late and You’re Never Too Far. Each reading draws on examples of men and women in Scripture to show how God is in the business of giving fresh starts to people who need a comeback.


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