Perks of Kids Using Technology: How the Internet is Teaching Empathy


Technology is a positive tool for kids because it allows for education and growth outside of an everyday classroom setting. There is opportunity to not only teach through various platforms, but also gain practical social/emotional skills. Educator and PBS Contributor, Rusul Alrubail, examines how Education Technology (EdTech) has helped her students understand higher level emotions like empathy. Alrubail writes, “…our brains are wired to empathize with people who look like us. We have to consciously work to change this cognitive behavior in ourselves and our students.” EdTech creates an environment that normalizes cultural differences. Use the link below to read more on this topic, and share your thoughts in the comments!

“Opinion: How technology is teaching kids to care about the world and each other” | Rusul Alrubail, Oct. 2018