Our Common Space

The common space is the heart of our facility. It’s a place to collaborate, work, grow, and where many of our members spend the majority of their time. From the lobby, the mezzanine, and the hallway there is a part of our common space for everyone and every need. Here is a little bit more about each of our ‘common space’ spaces.

The Lobby: The lobby is our largest common space area. It features high ceilings, open windows, and its where our cafe is located. The lobby is perfect for private work sessions, small meetups, and is also a great place to sit and eat lunch while enjoying the view of the square. The lobby is also a great place to sit if you want to mix and mingle with other members.  Try out the lobby if you enjoy a great view, open space, and natural lighting, and want to meet a few new faces!

The Hallway: The hallway features high top tables, tall windows and a slightly more private area to work from compared to the lobby. The hallway is the perfect mix of openness but it still feels slightly tucked away. It’s perfect when you need a little extra concentration but still want to mingle with other members!

The Mezzanine: The mezzanine is perfect if you enjoy working from higher spaces. It features high top tables and is located in the upstairs portion of our facility. The mezzanine feels open, yet tucked away and is perfect for intense work sessions and casual client meetings. The mezzanine also overlooks the lobby, so you get a good view of everything!

That’s all about our common space! What’s your go-to area in the common space?

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