Non-Profit Spotlight : Evan + Jenna Missions


We had the pleasure of sitting down with Jenna Simmons, one of our Cornerstone members, about her and husband’s non-profit organization,Evan + Jenna Missions. Jenna and Evan have been married for about 2 and a half years. They both are extremely active in their church home, New City Church, and share a deep passion for community and creativity. Jenna and Evan have tied their passions into their Non-Profit, to provide their talents in photography and videography, for missionaries all over the world. Continue reading to find out more from Jenna about their Non-Profit and their plans to head over to Africa in June!

“Our mission is to come alongside international Christian ministries to accomplish three major goals: bring glory to God, raise awareness of His work around the world, and bring people together to support the continuation of His ministry. We believe that the stories of God’s faithfulness hold the power to declare the Gospel, make His power known, and invite others to be a part of His work.

From a financial standpoint, an investment in producing media for a mission is a donation with exponential growth. When a ministry is able to share high-quality images and videos online, current supporters feel more connected with the ministry’s efforts, leading to a greater desire to give, and many more supporters can be drawn to the cause through word of mouth and social media sharing.

This summer we have the opportunity to go to Benin, West Africa, where I once spent a summer doing evangelism and church planting work. The missionary there, Marc, is still doing fantastic work by running a seminary that trains believers to make disciples and start churches in their own villages throughout Benin. This is so important for a country that is largely unreached by Christianity and doesn’t have many churches established to preach or spread the Gospel. However, Marc is in need of more support to continue, and has invited Evan and I to come and make a film about his ministry to show others what God is doing and hopefully inspire them to give and go.

In the weeks I spent with Marc, he taught me more about faith and prayer and the power of God than I’ve ever learned before and I know that, with the proper support, Marc’s ministry will continue to have a major impact in spreading the gospel throughout Benin. I would love for you to partner with Evan and me in reaching Benin and furthering God’s work there. We are matching every donation given until our trip is fully funded and cannot wait to share this story with you when we return!”


If you are interested in helping Evan and Jenna reach this goal, please come by the front desk at Cornerstone or you can donate here.