Motherhood is Kingdom Work


Moms, we celebrated a day this month in honor of celebrating you. But we all know that you deserve more than one day, or month in a year. You deserve continual gratitude and celebration for your never ending sacrifices of your time, love, effort, sanity and basically anything else you have to offer!

I’ve always said that Mother’s day means more to me than even a birthday! For a birthday, you were born and you make it to the next year by staying alive one day at a time. But the title of a mother is earned. It is the most important title that I live out proudly after, Daughter of God and Wife to my husband. Motherhood never goes away, never gets easier. The hard just changes. We spend every waking hour giving ourselves to someone else, to tiny people that put their absolute and complete trust in us.

That kind of load to carry day in and day out is absolutely exhausting. But I bet if you asked any mother, she wouldn’t wish away those responsibilities for a second in exchange for the overflowing love they have for their children. 

When we look back at the grand scheme of things, it’s easier to see the impact we are making but the day to day can sometimes feel rushed, lonely, mundane, repetitive and thankless. Well, Mom, we see you, we understand you and we appreciate you. Most importantly, God sees you, he is PROUD of you!

I recently saw a post that really hit home with me and reminded me that our purpose in all of our daily tasks is so much bigger than we realize.

  • We were taught to do great things for the Kingdom, but we weren’t taught that nurturing a healthy marriage and faithfully raising children ARE great things for the Kingdom.
  • WE were taught to make a big difference in the world, but we weren’t taught that sometimes that looks very repetitive, ordinary, and nobody applauds you for it.
  • We grew up believing that we were destined for greatness, but we weren’t taught that greatness can be as ordinary as making dinner. 

Those points were a few of my favorites but you can see the rest here

I will end with my favorite verse that I repeat daily, whether it is as a mom or a wife or an employee. Living wholeheartedly is a calling for anyone, in any phase of life.


Colossians 3:23 “Whatever you do, work at it with your whole heart, as for the Lord and not for men.”