Member Highlight: Drew Mosely + Pete Wosnik


Written by Drew Mosely

Driving in Gwinnett is dangerous. In 2017, there were 39,970 crashes in Gwinnett. According to the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, 13,535 of these crashes resulted in injuries (click here for more statistics on Gwinnett fatalities and other accidents). It is likely for these accidents to have caused more injuries than reported as people decline treatment when it is necessary. Our bodies are more fragile than we like to admit and, if we want them to last, taking care of ourselves is imperative. We recommend anyone who has experienced an automobile accident to receive treatment, either from a chiropractor or another physician. Even minor accidents can cause unseen damage that can wear on your body over time. Odds are, if your car was hurt you were hurt too.

When you are in an accident, take photos of the vehicle’s position, scene, vehicular damage, and physical injuries. Though you may have heard that insurance companies never want to pay out on claims, this is somewhat of a misconception. Many insurance companies are eager to provide necessary aid and compensation for rightful claims. At Gwinnett Law Lab, we focus on making sure our clients’ claims are properly presented and rightfully acknowledged. 

Although we hope you are able to avoid auto accidents, the staggering statistics conclude that one in every 20 Gwinnett residents will experience an accident every year. If you or someone you know are in an unfortunate accident, please contact Drew Mosely or Pete Wosnik at Gwinnett Law Lab, which has been operating out of Cornerstone Coworking since 2018. You do not see us on billboards as we choose to devote our resources to helping families in legal challenges. We also assist with family, bankruptcy, and criminal law situations. We believe our satisfied clients’ referrals work better than billboards.