Love Languages in the Workplace


We love seeing our members day in and day out. We feel like you are our actual coworkers! We hope this gives you the sense of belonging in our community that we are so proud of! With seeing you all as much as we see our families, it would make sense that we would get to know each other well, to become friends even more than coworkers. We love hearing about your weekend, your family, your latest adventure, even your favorite snack!

As we get to know you, we might keep your favorite snack in the drawer to have it ready when you come in, we might remember you favorite type of coffee and brew it fresh for you when we see your meeting is about to start, we might share an article , life hack, or even a dad joke that made us think of you. Whatever it may be, we are learning to speak love languages here to show you that you belong!

The love languages of the workplace are the same as love languages in a workplace, they just apply differently. Check out how Career Contessa applies these love languages in the workplace.

  • Words of Affirmation = Feedback + Mentorship
  • Quality Time =  Workplace Bonding
  • Receiving Gifts = New Opportunities + Challenges
  • Acts of Service = Support
  • Physical Touch = Encouraging Touchpoints

Now that you have seen these, you have probably seen how you have done these for others without event knowing what you are doing. We hope that you see these, think of ways you can do them for people in our community and receive them well when someone else does them for you!

-Charity Estes