How To Use Social Media for Customer Engagement


Part of refreshing your business is taking another look at your social media strategy. It’s not enough to have a profile on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., but your accounts need to be active with creative content. Taking a unique approach to each platform will allow your brand to stand out among the rest of those in similar fields. Through reevaluating your current social media content and follower engagement, then after researching rising trends, you will learn the ways of social media marketing!

Audit Your Accounts

To understand which platforms you are using well and which ones you can go without, use this template. This will help you walk through areas of your marketing strategy you would not have considered. It’s also important to research your business from the perspective of a customer. Consider what someone who knows nothing about your brand will look for and question. If you don’t understand the company message or if products aren’t clear, rework what you’re saying and how. If you’re interested in other social media templates, click here.

Use Your Analytics

Another way to understand who you’re interacting with and how you should reshape your strategy is through reviewing your social media analytics. This will list the demographics on each platform so you’ll better understand who your followers are what they’re interested in. Each platform’s analytics work and look a little different. If you want to grow your Facebook presence, click here. The previous mentioned link helps you grasp the ins and outs of all Facebook insights. Although Facebook owns Instagram, the analytics for the photo-based platform are different. To better understand Instagram for businesses, click here

Get Creative

Staying on top of your social media game has its ups and downs. Similarly to fashion and lifestyle, social media experiences trends, so it’s important to stay up to date with all tools offered on each platform. Instagram stories and TV are great ways to interact with your followers. Also use Facebook Live, and make sure you’re promoting posts and events through Facebook Ads. You can also increase unique engagement with a hashtag that’s relevant to your brand. Let your followers know about the new tag and give them an incentive for sharing it. 

Make Planning Easy

There are numerous websites to help you plan and visually prepare your social media accounts. You may already use Facebook’s Publishing Tool, but utilize outside parties to gather all your platforms in one place. Despite your budget for this, there is something out there for you to use. Some of our favorites include Sprout Social, Buffer, Later, Hootsuite, and Salesforce. If these resources aren’t for you or you’re dedicated to another planner, you can still benefit from their blogs and marketing tips.

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