How to Give Back in Gwinnett


The holiday season sparks a desire in all of us to help and give what we can to others, to feel as though we are needed and can have a positive influence in our community. Although this is a great feeling, we don’t always know the next steps to helping our community. There are numerous non-profits, organizations, and shelters in Gwinnett County that need our attention. The goal of this article is to inform you on where you can turn to help your community and fill the desire. Choose an area that sparks energy and excitement in you, then reach out to the organization for more information on donating your time, energy, or money.


Gwinnett County Volunteer Events

Connect directly with the county and help with local events. There are events nearly every week that need your help! From historical events to kid- and environment-friendly events, people are needed to donate their time to the community. The events range in skill but never doubt your need. Look through upcoming events and find an area you’re passionate about – like in the America Recycles Day or GEHC Holiday Arts and Crafts Show.

Gwinnett County Volunteer Depts.

If none of the events spark a fire in you, maybe you’re better suited for volunteering in a department. There are areas in the Public Library, Parks and Recreation, and Animal Welfare that are seeking dedicated and reliable volunteers. Many of these departments not only have specific needs like tutoring, internship opportunities, and transportation, but also allow you to have fun and foster/play with dogs and cats that are in need of homes. Browse through the departments and find the area that best suits you!

Gwinnett Medical Center

This is a great opportunity for students seeking relevant volunteer opportunities or anyone wanting to bring light to difficult times. We all know going to the hospital is joined with stress and eagerness – even when the event brings new life into the world! Whether it’s a simple surgery or unexpected accident, the medical center is always looking for happy and energetic people to support and raise the spirits of anyone there. Find opportunities in the Medical Center, Women’s Pavilion, Extended Care, or Surgery Center, and students can find information about volunteering here.

North Gwinnett Co-op & Lawrenceville Co-op

The Co-op is always in need of food and healthcare products. You can simply donate to their current need items (located here) or volunteer your time. Their volunteer needs are on a daily basis, but you can attend regularly each week or month. The perk of volunteering with the co-op is any age is welcome; however, a parent or guardian must accompany anyone under the age of 16. Learn more about volunteering for North Gwinnett or Lawrenceville to provide your community with the food and supplies they need.


This organization is connected through Cross Pointe church in Sugarloaf and Mill Creek. This Christian organization provides food and clothes to those in need. Their food pantry, clothes closet, and ESL classes provide plenty of volunteer opportunities to everyone and you don’t have to be a member of the church to volunteer. Fill out this form to learn more information and sign up for volunteer opportunities.