How Our Coworking Space Refreshes Your Business


Spring is a fun season for many reasons: it’s starting to warm up, flowers are blooming, and everyone’s a little happier. As you stare out your office window or at you cubicle wall, you’re daydreaming about being anywhere besides work. You’re planning your summer trips, wishing you were outside, or simply enjoying the idea of warmer weather. And odds are, your team is feeling the same way. What you all need is a day away from the office, but without using any of your hard-earned PTO. This is where we come in. Our bright, open Coworking space is just what you and your team need to get a taste of the new season. So we’ve compiled a short list of reasons you should join us!

An Open Concept

With our rows upon rows of windows, you’ll feel like you’re outside but with the comfort of AC – even our conference rooms have windows with privacy film. This way you get all the effects of a pretty day without losing the attention of anyone you’re meeting with.

Our Location

Perfectly placed in Downtown Lawrenceville, our office is just a few steps away from amazing lunch and coffee spots. Choose from many delicious restaurants like Local Republic, Strange Taco, Boulder Creek, and more.

The Community

Our members and sense of community are unmatched. We have professionals from numerous career fields and many of them enjoy partnering and assisting other members. From engineers to church pastors, you’ll pretty much meet someone from every field.

Monthly Enrichment Events

Every month, we like to host an event around enriching the lives and careers of our members. Typically, these events range from lunch & learns, workshops, networking events, to appreciation lunches – and members get in free for all Cornerstone-hosted events.