Here’s What You Missed: October

Life’s been crazy. We get it. October kept us on our toes! We were busy all month at Cornerstone so we know you were busy managing your businesses and keeping up with your families! Lucky for you, we’re gonna keep you in the loop with everything you missed and give you a sneak peak at what’s to come at Cornerstone in November!

What ya missed:

  • Live2Lead Rebroadcasting – DP3 Consulting  hosted a rebroadcasting of John C. Maxwell’s Live2Lead conference. Speakers like Maxwell himself and Tyler Perry taught you all they know about great leadership. The goal for the event was to teach you personal growth and leadership techniques. We hope to host more events like this in the future!
  • Develop Your Leadership Skills – Every person has their own mode of leadership and different backgrounds in gaining their skills. Sometimes your skills work wonders and sometimes there’s room for improvement.  Not everyone is born with the personality to lead, but there’s always a way to learn/improve the skills needed for successful leadership. Head over to our website to check out this blog post written by Cornerstone’s Marketing Coordinator, Kasey Wheeler for all the tips you need for honing into the skills you have and strengthening them!
  • LeaderCast Women Event – Leadercast Women provided an empowering leadership experience for all women. At this annual event, leaders from all walks of life gather to learn powerful leadership insights from our all-female speaker lineup. In October of 2018, the guest speakers were Barbara Bush and Jenna Bush Hagar. Stay tuned for more information regarding 2019’s LeaderCast Women Event!


What’s to come?

November is going to be a fun month for Cornerstone Members! We have 2 membership enrichment events this month!  Want more information? Sign up to receive our bi-monthly newsletter to stay up to date on all the happenings at Cornerstone!

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