Giving Instead of Receiving: How to Finally Get Involved in Your Community

“Any small business, no matter how successful, can give back. All it takes is a dash of effort and a dollop of creativity.”

About a year ago, I had a conversation with one of our members who said something that plays in my mind every day: “When my family succeeds or gets blessed by someone, we take that blessing and pass it on to someone else.” This hit me hard. It should be a norm for us to bless others and give back to our community but it isn’t. The biggest concept we all struggle with is “how.” How do we serve in our community? How do we help those in need? How can I get involved? Read the interview below with Celebrity Chef, Eric Ripert, who gives great tips on ways you can give back in your community – either as a family or with your coworkers!

“6 Ways to Give Back” | Jeff Haden

If you’re interested in getting involved with our community for the holiday season, then stop by our Non-Profit Panel Presentation TOMORROW, November 7 to learn about three prominent non-profits in our community and how you can serve! RSVP here!

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