Frightfully Good Team Building

The best ways to lead is through serving, so this month you can serve your team through festive team building activities. Now, someone just rolled their eyes, but you shouldn’t cringe at the mention of “team building.” As a leader, this is a great opportunity to listen to your team and know what they want, and this allows you to interact with them outside the seriousness of work. This is an especially great opportunity to build your team as the holidays are getting closer and closer. We are on a race to Thanksgiving and right now we are on our mark waiting for the signal to take off. With everyone on edge for the approaching season, take this opportunity to have fun and enjoy the company of each other. To help you get started and make the planning a little easier, here are a few spooky activities for you and your team:

Costume Party

Make it a competition or for giggles, but a costume party brings people together and lightens the mood around the office. Whether it’s during hours or after, get in groups and make create costumes! It’s best to make costumes instead of buying them because it allows your creative and crafty ideas to flow. Whether your group has two people or 15, there are plenty of themes to choose from. Click here for group costume ideas!

Decoration Contest

If you’re surrounded by desks or cubicles, have a decorating competition! This lets everyone show their individual dark side and creativity. Instead of selecting one overall winner, have superlatives and award people in different categories. It’s not a traditional team building activity, but it allows people to recognize their peers and award them based on their good work.

Pumpkin Carving 

Put your employees to a true team-building test and have them carve pumpkins! Everyone will work together as they carve intricate templates into a pumpkin and find out who has the best communication. Print out stencils for each group to follow or make them come up with their own idea and see who executes it best. You can create a contest out of who comes up with the best idea and whose actually looks the best. Click here for pumpkin stencils!

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