Empowering Our Girls for Tomorrow


Empowering women shouldn’t start the moment they’re conscious of the differences surrounding them. Teaching them of their power and ability should start at a young age. Whether it’s your daughter, sister, student, niece, or goddaughter, help them realize all they’re capable of so they grow them into smart and courageous women. There are a few ways you can build up the women of tomorrow – read below to find out ways you can start today.

Promote her education

Explain the importance and power of an education. If she starts caring about her school at a young age, she’ll most likely carry that into high school/college. Getting good grades and being involved in more than just her academics will allow for more scholarships and a better undergraduate degree. Education shouldn’t be a privilege for children, but it is for some around the world. To get her involved in activities and programs outside of her community, encourage her to donate and be part of organizations promoting education around the world.

Get her involved

Sports and Girl Scouts are great ways to get her involved in the community and learn great lessons. When it comes to sports, allow her to choose what stands out. Then, if she doesn’t like that sport, try another! Sports aren’t for everyone though, so allow her to experience art lessons, cooking classes, etc. Other ways to get her involved in the community outside of sports and hobbies are organizations! There are tons of new groups focusing on female empowerment – click here to find a few of them. These are great for continued lessons and growing her confidence.

Give her space

I’m sure it’s difficult, but allow your girl to have some independence. There’s a healthy level for every age–whether it’s with a pet or lemonade stand, but let her do more on her own. Consider how more responsibility will increase her independence too. As she gets older, give her a different chore and let her complete it on her own. She’ll start to see who she is and what she is capable of.