Creating Achievable Goals for 2018


2018 is less than 30 days away. Where did this past year go? It just seemed to fly right on by. Time seems to do that as we get older. Growing up it seems like the days drag on, but when you’re older, you blink and realize it’s Christmas time and you haven’t bought the first gift yet. We have taken these last few weeks to reflect on 2017 and the goals we’ve set for ourselves. Did we stick to our new year’s resolution to lose our holiday weight from 2016? Absolutely not. So we have to ask ourselves, what does it take to make a goal that is achievable? How do we make resolutions and set goals that aren’t impossible to stick to? We think we have come up with a fool-proof checklist for making your 2018 goals, personal and career goals.

  1. Be Specific – Everyone puts ‘goto the gym more’ on their resolution list. But what do you want to do at the gym? What are you trying to accomplish by going to the gym? Try defining your goals. Instead of ‘goto the gym more’, write down ‘attend 2 workout classes a week.’ It is easier to stick to your goal if it isn’t just a broad statement.
  2. Tie Actions to your goals – There are steps you need to take to achieve your goals. List them out. Instead of looking at the long term goal, look at each stepping stone along the way. A saying we have all heard is “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.” Increasing your sales by 15% from 2017 might be your new goal, how are we going to accomplish that? You can grow your social media presence, talk to your current customers about pros/cons of your products and services, and run promotions to get new clients in. Taking your goals ‘one bite at a time’ makes them more realistic, which leads us to our next tip
  3. Make your goals realistic – Nothing puts more stress on a person than unrealistic expectations and goals. Let’s be honest, a person that has never run a day in their life can’t expect to complete the Peachtree road race in record time. Make sure that you set your goals within arms reach. Nobody likes to crash and burn. To avoid failure, we highly recommend sticking to this tip!
  1. Make yourself Flexible – Life happens, curveballs get thrown our way and it never seems to go according to plan. In the craziness that is life, don’t forget to relax and remain flexible. Will we achieve every single thing we set our minds to? Probably not, but your goal can adjust, it isn’t written in stone or tattooed on your body. Don’t be afraid to rewrite it.

We want to see you thrive in whatever you set your mind to in 2018. It’s a new year, a fresh slate. We can’t wait to see what 2018 has instore for you, we know it will be a fantastic year!


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