What are our clients are saying about us?

Addison Williams, Cornerstone Member

Cornerstone is an excellent coworking space for my marketing agency. The staff is amazing, the amenities are beyond expectations, and the facility is conducive to both grinding at hard work and finding creative inspiration

Matthew Debusk, Cornerstone Member

Fantastic staff. Excellent work environment providing both quiet work spaces, engaging common areas, great networking, and an overall energizing and professional atmosphere. Highly recommended for co-working, small meetings, and larger gatherings for presentations/meetings..

Damien Porche, Cornerstone Member

I could not think of a better place to have my business! My clients fall in love when they walk in the door. Its a great place to meet other business owners, network, collaborate and share services. Oh and the ladies at the front desk are AMAZING!

Emanuel Williams, Cornerstone Member

This place is simply amazing. I recently became a member and it's the perfect location for meetings, networking, collaborating, hosting events, etc. Sometimes, I go at night just to work on large projects. The Culture and Space inspires pure innovation. The staff are super friendly and very accommodating. Samantha, Charity and Chelsea are great! I've been telling everyone I know about this place. I highly recommend anyone to visit for a tour to see this awesome venue.