Cornerstone Coworking’s 2020 Goals

Last year, our little coworking space become not so little. With all the new members and those still dedicating their workspace to our building, we had a great 2019. With this new year and new decade, we want to continue to adjust to our growth and the needs of our members. To make this possible, we are having a forum on Tuesday, February 4 at 11:30am. But before we have this, we want to share some of our goals and reiterate the reason for Cornerstone Coworking.

Who we are: Meet | Collaborate | Grow

If you’ve been around for a while, you’ve most likely seen this idea/these words around our building. Coworking wouldn’t be coworking without meeting new people, collaborating with others, and growing your business/personal lives. 

Meet– We are filled with people who members can meet every day! The odds of one member knowing every other member is impossible. We encourage everyone to meet someone new any chance they get, and we help facilitate these opportunities with member lunches and networking events. If you are looking to meet with a potential friend, partner, collaborator, or client we encourage you to participate in and attend our events. Click here to see a list of our upcoming events, and sign up for our newsletter for a sneak peek at all upcoming member events.

Collaborate– It doesn’t matter what you do, collaborating is fun and beneficial! When you have the opportunity to bounce ideas off someone and work together on a goal, you experience a lot of growth (and hopefully a lot of fun). Whether you’re looking for help with a project or wanting advice on business, there is someone here for you to collaborate with.

Grow– The main reason you start out at a coworking space is because your business is growing–and we want that to continue! We love seeing members grow in business and personal lives. To help you grow, we enjoy hosting you for workshops, posting your information on our website, and sharing member highlights of your business.


2020 Goals: Share | Celebrate | Adapt

As we grow, so do our goals. This year we are focusing on share, celebrate, and adapt. We truly hope this year brings positive transformation in many ways!

Share– As part of our forum, we really want to hear from you on ways we can improve. Sharing your ideas with us on events, changes, or how we can lean into some practices we already implement, will help us continue to grow with you all.

Celebrate– If you didn’t already know, our building also functions as an event space. Last year we held many graduation parties, baby/wedding showers, and birthday parties. But we can go beyond that! Whether you are celebrating a personal milestone or a business one, we want to be the space for you to turn to. And remember: members get a discounted rate to our Training Room for meetings and events! To learn more about event opportunities, email

Adapt– Nothing says growth like realizing your old processes no longer work. Not only is Cornerstone working to adapt to new members, but we are also hoping to grow as a business and team. Over the next year, you will see us make changes to best contribute to our business and members. We hope all of our members are able to adapt and grow as we do.

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