Cornerstone Coworking Update

Hey, coworkers!

We want to officially let you know about our Cornerstone Coworking Forum. This is an important event for many reasons: 1) we want to hear from you on how we can improve, and 2) no one gets anywhere in life without a little feedback. So we have come up with a few rules and ideas for you to bring to us. If you haven’t taken our survey, you can do that here!


  • – We know you have a lot of ideas and ways to improve our space, however, we only time time for a few of them. For this reason, if you have an idea, please prepare for it in advance. Bring not only your grand idea, but also how can make it reality.
  • – Feedback is fun, but let’s keep comments nice and encouraging. We want to know where we can grow, but we can accomplish this with professional comments and a positive mindset.
  • – Contracts and rules already set in place are not subject to change, so please keep in mind we will only discuss the future of Cornerstone.


  • – We’re going to ask what kind of events you all would like us to host for you, so keep in mind your best days of the week and times to attend events and what types of events would benefit you.
  • – Next year, we are stepping away from Lunch & Learns as the turnouts for these have not been great for past events. However, we can turn these into something more beneficial if you bring topics to us.
  • – Bring any other ideas you think could benefit members and this community!


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  1. I think you should team up with TAG Technology Association of Georgia for some IT industry events as well as City Planning. Also, I would focus more on enlisting events for potential entreprenuers with places like and Urban League, Gwinnett County, and others to come through and speak. You could also host a job fair that would be great to invite many who maybe arent familiar with your services. I also would be willing to help in any event. I wish we could organize more events after 5pm.

    1. Elton,

      Love the ideas!! We will definitely look into this for the future! Also, we have a Christmas Networking Event coming up on December 5 starting at 5:00pm. It will last until 7:00 and you are welcome to drop in any time. We hope you can make it!

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