Tips for Working the Day After Christmas

Getting back to work after any holiday requires some adjustments, but Christmas needs an extra special touch (which includes complete silence and extra coffee). If you’re lucky to have the week of Christmas off, we hope you enjoy every moment relaxing and spending time with your family. For those going back to work on the…

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Maintaining a Work-Life Balance During Christmas

Life is just busy right now. You’re planning Christmas activities around your side of the family and your spouse’s family, then there are friends and coworkers, and it’s about time someone either invented an invisibility cloak or time machine. Unfortunately, these objects don’t exist so we’re forced to live like mere mortals and instill boundaries…

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Waking Up and Starting Your Day on Time

Googling “how to wake up on time” is like searching for ways to lose weight without exercising. You’ll find all these bullet points to list out exactly how to do it, but your will power is nowhere in sight. If you’ve put “waking up on time” or “lose 10 pounds” on your New Year’s resolution,…

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