Maintaining a Work-Life Balance During Christmas

Life is just busy right now. You're planning Christmas activities...
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Tips for Staying Focused During the Holidays

Do you feel like you’re forgetting something? Maybe it was...
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Change Your Scenery: 5 Places to Meet in Lawrenceville

We know you love working at Cornerstone and using our...
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Here’s What You Missed: November

We are thankful for you - have we mentioned that...
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Nonprofits at Cornerstone Coworking

We’re honored to have members using our space to instill...
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What Serving Others Teaches You

We learned in “The Science Behind Giving Back,” how our...
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Making Time to Give Back: Why it’s Important for You and Your Community

Have you ever sat down and thought about the impact...
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The Science Behind Giving Back

Give (v.) - to present voluntarily and without expecting compensation;...
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Partner with National Charitable Organizations: How to Donate for the Season of Giving

This time of year we are drawn toward participating in...
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Giving Instead of Receiving: How to Finally Get Involved in Your Community

About a year ago, I had a conversation with one...
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Kasey Social Media Pt. 2 (6)

How to Give Back in Gwinnett

The holiday season sparks a desire in all of us...
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Charity - Social Post

Here’s What You Missed: October

Life’s been crazy. We get it. October kept us on...
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Lead Your Life

If you’re a leader, you often think about serving and...
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Historic Leaders: How The Past can Shape our Future

It's human nature to keep our eyes set on what's...
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Cornerstone Reads: Books on Leadership

In this season of leadership at Cornerstone, we are learning...
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From Work to Home: How to Lead in All Areas of Life

This season at Cornerstone we are focused on Leadership, in...
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Frightfully Good Team Building

The best ways to lead is through serving, so this...
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Develop Your Leadership Skills

Every person has their own mode of leadership and different...
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Adjustments to Work Routines that Boost Productivity

Alex Cavoulacos, president and founder of The Muse, has discovered...
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Best Ways to Measure Progress in your Personal Goals

Belle Beth Cooper, with Buffer, shared a few of her...
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Tips to Keep a Schedule While Working Remote

Whitson Gordon, with The New York Times, shares a few...
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Focusing on Scripture: 5 Studies for Your Daily Time with God

Just as reading is good for your soul, what you...
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Monthly Self Reflections: Learn About Yourself through Your Habits

Part of a healthy routine isn’t just what you do...
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Begin with Success: How Successful People Start Their Day

We’ve heard crazy statistics about CEOs who read one book...
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Craft Your Daily Habits: Creating Routines that Work for You

Elizabeth Larkin, writer for The Spruce blog, has created a...
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Waking Up and Starting Your Day on Time

Googling “how to wake up on time” is like searching...
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The Rhyme and Reason of Routines

Routines: you either love them or hate them...there is no...
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Create a Money-Making Marketing Strategy

Whether you are starting a new business or updating your...
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abstract-art-artistic-251287 (1)

Where to Spend and Save: Managing Money for Your Small Business

Revitalizing a business may take more than sprucing up little...
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Building Effective Relationships at Work

We spend the majority of our lives working. With school...
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