Summer Team Building Activities

Summer is full of distractions. Between work and personal vacations,...
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Skills to Learn This Summer

For many of us, the era of summer break is...
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Productivity Secrets to Live By: Implementing Work Sprints Into Your Day

Written by Samantha Proctor What does productivity look like? It...
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Why You Need to Take More Work Breaks

I’m definitely someone who doesn't believe in traditional breaks. The...
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Time Management Tips For When You Work Alone

If you read our blog post last week, you learned...
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Time Management Tips For When You Work Alone

If you read our blog post last week, you learned...
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How Coworking Helps You Stay on Task

Exiling yourself in a room isn’t a great way to...
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Here’s What You Missed: April

If the saying, April Showers brings May Flowers rings true...
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Redefining Your Work Break: The Benefits of Working Outside

Written by Samantha Proctor Can we just talk about the...
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How Sharing a Meal is Creating Community Change

Getting creative when you’re wanting to refresh your business is...
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How To Use Social Media for Customer Engagement

Part of refreshing your business is taking another look at...
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Reasons Why Networking is Your Friend

Although the internet is a wonderful creation and you're putting...
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How Our Coworking Space Refreshes Your Business

Spring is a fun season for many reasons: it’s starting...
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Empowering Our Girls for Tomorrow

Empowering women shouldn’t start the moment they’re conscious of the...
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Why Women Should Support Other Women

We've all heard women are "catty." As a woman, there's...
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Our Reading List: Contemporary Books for Women By Women

In true modern fashion, these books redefine femininity while also...
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Our Reading List: Classic Books for Women by Women

Women have used literature to break through male dominated fields...
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Day Job to Day Dreamer: Margaret Grove

Written by Jayne Madigan The woman who inspired me the...
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Building Equality Through Coworking Spaces

The concept of coworking spaces is relatively new, but they...
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A ‘Difference Maker’: The Story of Marlene Taylor-Crawford

As an advocate for our community, it’s no surprise Jen...
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Here’s What You Missed: February

Ahh, February - the month of love - you were...
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10 Ways to Save Money in the Next 10 Months

By Justin Ehrhardt Now that February is wrapping up, you...
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Savings for Kids: Making Money Easy

The best way for our children to learn proper money...
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Ramsey’s Approach to Money: Step-by-Step Ways to Grow Your Wealth

When you hear Dave Ramsey, you know a serious money...
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Coupon Plug-ins for the Online Shopper

Written by Samantha Proctor As an adult, I expect to...
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Books for Budgeting Your Way to Financial Freedom

Books build knowledge, knowledge builds power, and power defeats your...
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Budget On The Go: Top Apps for Managing Your Finances

Budgeting without a visual component makes setting goals unrealistic. When...
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5 Savings Challenges to Eliminate Debt in 2019

Every year, families set goals to save more and/or pay...
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Advice from a Dietitian

You may think talking with a dietitian would lead to...
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Lifestyle Trends for 2019

written by Samantha Proctor We’ve made it two weeks into...
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Healthy On-the-Go Breakfast Ideas

Mornings are difficult. Not only are you trying to hold...
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Gyms in Lawrenceville: The Best Build for Your Buck

We know...gyms are intimidating. Even the ones with slogans about...
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Beginner’s Guide to Protein

When you’re new to exercising it feels as though people...
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Eating Healthy When You Don’t Like to Eat Healthy

Changing what you eat is difficult for many reasons. You’re...
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2019 Health Basics: On Your Mark, Get Set, Go

New year resolutions bring hope and transformation to an area...
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Building Your 2019 Business Budget

In the last month of the year, you probably have...
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Tips for Working the Day After Christmas

Getting back to work after any holiday requires some adjustments,...
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Maintaining a Work-Life Balance During Christmas

Life is just busy right now. You're planning Christmas activities...
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Tips for Staying Focused During the Holidays

Do you feel like you’re forgetting something? Maybe it was...
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Change Your Scenery: 5 Places to Meet in Lawrenceville

We know you love working at Cornerstone and using our...
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Nonprofits at Cornerstone Coworking

We’re honored to have members using our space to instill...
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What Serving Others Teaches You

We learned in “The Science Behind Giving Back,” how our...
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Making Time to Give Back: Why it’s Important for You and Your Community

Have you ever sat down and thought about the impact...
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The Science Behind Giving Back

Give (v.) - to present voluntarily and without expecting compensation;...
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Partner with National Charitable Organizations: How to Donate for the Season of Giving

This time of year we are drawn toward participating in...
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Giving Instead of Receiving: How to Finally Get Involved in Your Community

About a year ago, I had a conversation with one...
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Kasey Social Media Pt. 2 (6)

How to Give Back in Gwinnett

The holiday season sparks a desire in all of us...
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Charity - Social Post

Here’s What You Missed: October

Life’s been crazy. We get it. October kept us on...
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Lead Your Life

If you’re a leader, you often think about serving and...
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Historic Leaders: How The Past can Shape our Future

It's human nature to keep our eyes set on what's...
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