Frightfully Good Team Building

The best ways to lead is through serving, so this...
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Develop Your Leadership Skills

Every person has their own mode of leadership and different...
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Adjustments to Work Routines that Boost Productivity

Alex Cavoulacos, president and founder of The Muse, has discovered...
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Best Ways to Measure Progress in your Personal Goals

Belle Beth Cooper, with Buffer, shared a few of her...
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Tips to Keep a Schedule While Working Remote

Whitson Gordon, with The New York Times, shares a few...
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Focusing on Scripture: 5 Studies for Your Daily Time with God

Just as reading is good for your soul, what you...
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Monthly Self Reflections: Learn About Yourself through Your Habits

Part of a healthy routine isn’t just what you do...
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Begin with Success: How Successful People Start Their Day

We’ve heard crazy statistics about CEOs who read one book...
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Craft Your Daily Habits: Creating Routines that Work for You

Elizabeth Larkin, writer for The Spruce blog, has created a...
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Waking Up and Starting Your Day on Time

Googling “how to wake up on time” is like searching...
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The Rhyme and Reason of Routines

Routines: you either love them or hate them...there is no...
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Create a Money-Making Marketing Strategy

Whether you are starting a new business or updating your...
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Where to Spend and Save: Managing Money for Your Small Business

Revitalizing a business may take more than sprucing up little...
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Building Effective Relationships at Work

We spend the majority of our lives working. With school...
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Overcoming Business Setbacks

It always seems that ‘life’ happens in the most inconvenient...
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Ted Talks for Business Leaders

When you own a business, you’re not just leading the...
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Business Books: Six Books to Help with Your Business

Business is an ever evolving concept with different trends and...
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achievement-brainstorming-branding-1162968 (1)

Rebranding 101

When you think of good branding, your mind most likely...
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Resetting the Routine: Getting Back-to-School Ready

Gwinnett County schools start back August 6. Whether you’re excited...
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Family Blogs Worth Following

There is so much to learn about parenting and navigating...
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Preparing for Your Kids’ Financial Needs

For many couples, having children is their goal when establishing...
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movie under the stars

A Weekend in Gwinnett: Explore Your Hometown

Living in Gwinnett County means you’re less than an hour’s...
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Slowing Down When Life’s Moving Too Fast

We can talk about work-life balance and how it’s important...
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Teach a Lasting Work Ethic

Great work ethic is admirable and cherished by employers, but...
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Forbes: “The Evolving Definition Of Work-Life Balance”

The concept of having a work-life has been prevalent in...
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Turning Off When You Work from Home

When your office is physically away from your home, it’s...
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Healthy Home Habits: Disconnect from the World and Connect with Your Family

In the era of technology, it’s easy to bring work...
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The Keys To A Healthy Work-Life Balance

Are you living to work or working to live? Sometimes...
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The Importance Of Family

At Cornerstone we believe in the power of family and...
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Our Common Space

The common space is the heart of our facility. It's...
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Coworking Isn’t Going Anywhere

Coworking is quickly becoming the new normal and is expected...
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Working From Cornerstone > Working From Home

Working from home can be great for many reasons- like...
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Cornerstone Highlight: Our Conference Rooms

At Cornerstone, we have six unique conference rooms that are...
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What Separates Us From Other Coworking Spaces

It seems like coworking spaces are popping up everywhere. From...
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Coworking 101: How To Maximize Your Cornerstone Experience

You have probably noticed a few key differences between working...
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Networking Event: Cornerstone Summer Social

Exciting news! On Thursday, June 7th from 4-6 pm we...
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Fun Things To Do In Gwinnett This Summer

School is out and summer is here, which means you...
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How To Appreciate The Slow Seasons Of Business

Summer is right around the corner, which means if you're...
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Stop Living For The Weekend: Appreciating Your 9-5

Counting down the days until Friday, living it up during...
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The 5 Employee Appreciation Languages

Did you know that everyone receives appreciation, gratitude, and praise...
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Make The Most of Your Membership

In case you didn't already know we are so appreciative...
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How to Send Professional Thank You Notes

How to Send Professional Thank You Notes When is the...
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Employee Recognition & How It Can Grow Your Business

Have you ever completed a task that you felt like...
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Treat Yourself: Self-care Tips for The Busy Entrepreneur

This month we’re talking all about appreciation. We’ll be covering...
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Holy and Set Apart – Kelly Goldson

You're blessed when you are content with just who you...
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Learning To Love Your Job

The average American spends at least 40 hours a week...
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Non-Profit Spotlight : Evan + Jenna Missions

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Jenna Simmons,...
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kaboompics_Couple travelling by car

How to Make Sitting in Traffic Better: 5 Podcasts to Listen to On Your Commute

Sitting in Atlanta traffic is probably the last thing you...
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Dealing with Conflict in the Workplace – Tolu Akande

Workplace conflict can be some of the most difficult because...
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Rainy Day Bliss

April showers bring May flowers, yes, we’ve all heard it...
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Morning Routines and How They Increase Productivity

Sometimes mornings get a bad wrap, but they actually have...
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Cornerstone Intern Spotlight: Madison Chrisopoulos

Madison is our new summer intern here at Cornerstone! Madison...
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Working From Home Productivity Hacks

Working home definitely has its pros and cons. It takes...
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Coworker Corner Images (1)

Learning to Love Mondays

When we say the word Monday, what comes to your...
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Learning to Love the Things That You Hate

For the month of April we are focusing on learning...
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Easter Traditions

Can you believe that Easter is right around the corner!?...
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Lets Get Innovative!

Innovation is the process of implementing new methods, products or...
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Creative. Text sign over laptop keyboard

Inspiring Creativity

Creativity. That is a word that we all love to...
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Springing Up Your Social Media

Oh, how we love social media. Let’s be honest, we...
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Member Spotlight: Tolu Akande

Every few weeks, we pick a Cornerstone member to sit...
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Spring Cleaning up Your Inbox

The transition from winter to spring is a fun time...
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Reigniting the Passion in your Career

Passion. I love this word, especially around valentine’s day. It...
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love what you do

Love What You Do

Everyone has heard the phrase, “If you love what you...
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Hacking Your Todo List

The dreaded to-do list… We all hate it. Let’s be...
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Snow Day Productivity

Atlanta has just been hit hard lately. Between schools closing...
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Productivity Hacks

New years day is essentially the ultimate refresh button. We...
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Creating Achievable Goals for 2018

2018 is less than 30 days away. Where did this...
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Ending Your Year on a High Note

Every November and December we seem to lose ourselves in...
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Coworker Corner Header

Bits and Pieces: Week 6

“If you have a strong purpose in life, you don't...
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Importance of Serving in the Community

No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever...
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Volunteer in Gwinnett County

Volunteering Opportunities in Gwinnett County: Brookwood High School is looking...
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Staying Productive when we “Fall-Back”

It’s so beautiful this time of year. One of our...
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Coworker Corner Header

Bits and Pieces: Week 5 – Self Leadership

There are three levels of leadership: Leading Oneself, Leading Others, and Leading Organizations. Leading...
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kaboompics_Opened empty notebook with copyspace

Learning, Evolving & Growing

Get up from your desk and go take a whiff...
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Bits and Pieces: Week 2

Week 1 of Bits and Pieces helped us learn about...
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Experiencing Nature

We don’t know about you, but there isn’t a better...
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Bits and Pieces: Week 4

"In many mays effective communication begins with mutual respect, communication...
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Staying Connected @ Cornerstone

At Cornerstone, we provide much more than just a place...
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Member Spotlight: Kelly Goldson

Every few weeks, we like to sit down with one...
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Coworker Corner Header

Bits and Pieces: Week 1

We are so lucky to work with so many brilliant...
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Coworker Corner Header

Bits and Pieces: Week 3

"The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that...
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Work-Life Balance: Are We Missing the Point?

If you are fortunate enough to wake up and rise...
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kaboompics_Woman with legs on the coffee table, wearing converse sneakers and working on her laptop

Juggling Work + Home

Do you ever feel like there aren’t enough hours in...
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Cornerstone Member Spotlight: Addison Williams

Our members at Cornerstone are one of the many reasons...
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kaboompics_Brainstorming session with creative designers

Broadening your Creativity

I applaud all of our Entrepreneurs here at Cornerstone. Your...
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Family photo1

Cornerstone Team Member Spotlight: Samantha Doty

Please join us in welcoming our newest employee, Samantha. Samantha...
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kaboompics_Pink notebook with a silver laptop and a camera

Success With a Side of Fear

Why does success scare us? This sounds a little bit...
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kaboompics_Brainstorming session with creative designers

Why People Thrive In Coworking Spaces

Coworking Spaces seem to have something special about them because...
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kaboompics_Child reading a book

How to Balance Being a Parent and an Entrepreneur

Just because you’re a parent doesn’t mean that you have...
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Top 7 Productivity Tools for Social Media Marketers

Any good marketer knows that in order to stay ahead...
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You Have 53 Mondays in a Year. Here’s How Top Entrepreneurs Use Them

What do Elon Musk, Sheryl Sandberg, and Arianna Huffington all have...
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Facility Updates

Cornerstone Facility Updates

The Cornerstone Team is always looking for ways to improve...
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Can Insider- GROW

How to Make the Most of National Small Business Week

National Small Business Week 2017 is from Sunday, April 30...
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9 Time Management Apps to Organize Your Life and Keep You on Track

  Do you need more time? No matter who you...
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8 iPhone Apps To Plan Your Workday

You probably juggle dozens of tasks each day just to...
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34 Time Management Tips for Busy Entrepreneurs (by Experts)

Effective time management is important for anyone but is absolutely...
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BLOG POST IMAGE Template 540x376 (2)

7 Ways Careful Event Planning Can Benefit Your Small Business

Are you wanting to host an amazing event to promote...
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7 Ways to Set Team Goals (That Actually Work)

Creating a goal-setting methodology for an entire company doesn’t happen...
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5 Habits of Successful People Before 8 a.m.

You can usually tell what kind of day you are...
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Productivity Hacks for Entrepreneurs

Productivity, we all want to have more of it but...
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7 Ways The Outdoors Can Make You Healthier

As the weather changes and the sun visits a little...
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9 Entrepreneurial Lessons You Never Learned in School

We all took a business class in school whether that...
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3 Ways to Grow Your Business With Free Social Media Analytics

For small businesses, using Social Media can be tricky. Getting...
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The Tricks to Getting Back on Track After a Unproductive Day

We've all had one. Sometimes they are necessary but when the...
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Feel Good

5 Simple Habits That’ll Make You Feel Good About Yourself Every Day

I don’t know about you but I get a little...
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4 Marketing Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn From April the Giraffe

Do you feel like it's going to be April before...
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5 Things You Need to Know to Monetize Your Hobby

Is it a hobby or business? Entrepreneur helps by giving...
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Member Spotlight | Keeyawna Porche

Keeyawna Porche, the owner of Porche Weddings and Special Events,...
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kaboompics.com_Wooden Keyboard Orée on the woman's desk

3 Ways to Make Your Work (and Life) Incredibly Meaningful

One of the greatest perks to being an entrepreneur is...
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March MADNESS @ Cornerstone

Join the MADNESS @ Cornerstone! Join our bracket under Cornerstone...
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5 Tips for Stress-Free Networking

Networking is not for everyone. Those of you who love...
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3 Things Every Business Can Learn From March Madness

March Madness is fun for the competitive side in all...
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6 Spring Cleaning Tips

6 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Small Business

As the season change once again your business may need...
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7 Networking Tips

7 Networking Tips for the Introvert in All of Us

There is a little introvert in all of us and...
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Trick to De-stressing at Work

Family is stressful, work is stressful, life is stressful. It's...
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Productive New Year

10 Things Every Small Business Needs To Do

Don't you wish you have all the answers right in...
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13 Quick Things You Can Do on Social Media Today to Boost Your Career

Everyone and everything is on social media these days. Businesses...
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How to Uniquely Market Your Small Business in February

All the Christmas and New Year's promotions are over. What...
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Productive New Year

The Only Question You Need to Ask Yourself to Have a Productive Year

Have you already quit on your resolutions or are you...
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How the Stars of ‘Fixer Upper’ Transformed a Town in Texas

Everyone one has heard of the star couple from the...
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kaboompics.com_Young man holding one big beautiful bouquet of many red rose flowers

9 Last Minutes Valentine’s Day Ideas for Entrepreneurs

Can you believe Valentine’s day is the biggest spending day...
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Startup Stock Photos

8 Great Entrepreneurial Success Stories

Many entrepreneurs are looking for one specific key to success...
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Top 10 Business Trends That Will Drive Success In 2017

Do you want your business to be successful in the...
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5 Tips to Achieve Your New Year’s Fitness Goals

Have trouble keeping your New Year's Fitness Goals in the...
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7 people to follow on Snapchat for Business Advice

Snapchat is the newest and most popular platform of social...
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10 Pieces of Horrible Advice Extraordinary Entrepreneurs Ignore

Entrepreneurs are always receiving advice, most of the time from...
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The One Ingredient Required for Entrepreneurial Success

What's the key to Entrepreneurial success? The answer varies on...
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4 Things Every Entrepreneur Needs to Do the First Week of the New Year

If you're aiming to increase market shares and profit over...
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New year

10 New Year’s Resolutions for Every Entrepreneur

The new year is approaching all too quickly. Take a...
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How to win on “Shark Tank”

Vanessa Van Edwards and her team studied the winners and...
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6575053747_ff409f97e3_z (1)

Your Guide to Post Christmas Sales

Directly after Christmas stores are competing for shoppers with Post-Christmas...
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The 12 Days of Start-Up: An Entrepreneur Holiday Carol

Here is a little laugh for you startups and business...
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Top 10 Best Christmas Movies Of All Time

Is there a more relaxing way to embrace Christmas than...
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Cornerstone Coworking > Coffee Shop

Ready to ditch the coffee shop? Join us here at...
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Stores Are Taking a Stand Against Being Open on Thanksgiving

We are so happy to see some stores taking a...
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11 Things You May Not Know About Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is one of America’s prized holidays. Here are a...
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A Stanford Psychologist’s Secret For Getting Habits to Stick

Maybe you’ve been trying to become better at something or...
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6 Simple Tricks That Will Make You Way More Productive

Do you want to be more productive? Do you have...
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6 Unusual Habits of Exceptionally Creative People

Do your best ideas come to you at the craziest...
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10 Uncomfortable deeds

10 Uncomfortable Deeds That Will Make You More Successful

Do you feel like you are in over your head?...
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Cornerstone Coworking

5 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Stay Motivated Every Day

Entrepreneurs need a lot of motivation in general, however, we...
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9 Bad Habits You Must Break To Be More Productive

Bad Habits form slowly over time and then quickly kill...
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Making the daily switch from work to home

This articles provides insight on how to balance work and...
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How to Prepare Your Small Business for Summer

Summer is here. How will you adjust your business to...
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4 Simple Strategies to Improve Your Business Success Rate

Want to know the key elements to the success of...
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Take Charge Tuesdays

Take Charge Tuesday with GCBN’s Beth Copeland

As we reflect on the tragedy that occurred in Orlando...
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Why People Thrive in Coworking Spaces

Research shows that members of a coworking space are more...
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5 Skills of Really Amazing Listeners

Being a good listener is not #1 on everyone’s priority...
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Networking Pic

5 Ways to Connect and Network With Other Entrepreneurs

Searching for ways to grow yourself and your business. Look...
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Untitled design

7 Habits of Highly Effective Entrepreneurs

Do you perform any of these actions regularly? Have you...
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How Do Successful People Spend Their Weekends?

Do you find yourself more exhausted after the weekend than...
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10 Motivating Quotes to Help you Spring Into Action

Need some motivation to help you come to life with...
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3 Science-backed Ways To Improve Your Memory

We all sometimes feel like we are losing our minds....
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15 Netflix Documentaries Every Aspiring Entrepreneur Should Watch

Need a quick fun way to grow your business!? Check...
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CAN Give Back

Give Back

As most of you know Proverbs 11:25 is special verse...
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Why Choose Coworking

Why Choose Co-Working?

Why Choose Co-working? By: Alex Smith Sure, the commute is...
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Financial Empowerment Workshop (4)

Cornerstone Membership Spotlight

What is a Co-working space without its members? Our new...
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Cornerstone Website

Cornerstone Website Launch Party

We are excited to debut our new Cornerstone website and...
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CAN Event

The Entrepreneur Network

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Financial Empowerment Workshop

Come join us and learn how you can: Become a...
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GCBN Gwinnett Chapter Meeting

JOIN US for this AWESOME presentation from Pastor David Anthony...
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Safety & Security Awareness

Join us on August 13th as Fullscope Property Management hosts...
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Insperity Workshop

INSPERITY WORKSHOP Join us on June 25th as Insperity explains...
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5/3 Bank

Fifth/Third Bank

Come to meet new people of Cornerstone, 5th/3rd Bank, and...
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Give Blood in May

We are excited to team up again with the American...
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“Leadership Breakthrough” with RocketIT

We are so excited to announce that RocketIT will be...
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Pre-Party for Lawrenceville Live

Join Cornerstone as a VIP guest for the Lawrenceville Live...
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Google Partners – Let’s Put Lawrenceville on the Map

 Myles Rothacker is hosting a Let’s Put Lawrenceville on the Map workshop...
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Google Event

Google Partners – Let’s Put Lawrenceville on the Map

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Gwinnett Chamber Business After Hours

We are so excited to be hosting the Gwinnett Chambers...
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Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and Visionaries Attend an Affordable Bi-Monthly Brand-Marketing Lunch/Lecture...
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Mark Miller – “Chess Not Checkers”

“If you want to build a high performance organization, you’ve...
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Google Partners and Youtube Connect

Google Partners Youtube Connect

We're hosting a livestream Google event about video advertising on...
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Cornerstone Open House

We would like to invite you to Cornerstone’s Open House...
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2015 Gwinnett Life Run

We are excited to partner (for a second year) with...
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Member Meet and Greet

Members Only. Come join us for a mid-day pick me...
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2015 C.E.O. Advisory Board

C.E.O = Coaching Entrepreneurs Onward What better way is there...
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Collab @ Lunch – Not One Dollar More: How to Save in 2015

"America, get your BILLIONS back!" How's that for a slogan...
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December Red Cross Blood Drive

Give Blood in December!  We are excite to team up...
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The Heart of Leadership with Mark Miller

Read More

The Power of Your Execution

Dr. Taunya Lowe, Chief Executive Officer of The Resurgence Group...
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Cornerstone FREE Coworking Day

We are offering a free coworking day to everyone and...
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Livestream Google Event “How to Grow Your Business”

Join us for Google Connect, We're hosting a livestream Google...
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The Insider’s Guide to Networking

Do you dread the thought of networking events? Fear as...
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Webinar Viewing Parties at Cornerstone

WEBINAR VIEWING PARTIES AT CORNERSTONE This fall, we'll be streaming...
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“The Secrets of Facebook & LinkedIn For Your Small Business” Workshop

This August, join Cornerstone as we host a lunch workshop...
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“Using your Words: Create a Branding Voice that Sings” Lunch Session

Have you struggled with writing a blog post or content...
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CEO Advisory Board

The Cornerstone CEO Advisory Board will be a small discussion...
Read More

Inquisitive Leadership – Are You Asking the Right Questions?

Are You Asking the Right Questions to Change Your Life and...
Read More

How to Really Start Your Own Business

Experts from SCORE will share starting success secrets, including focusing...
Read More

Chick-Fil-A Race Series

10K, 5K, & 1 MILE GWINNETT LIFE RUN Join the...
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 GIVE BLOOD IN MAY! We're excited to team up again...
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Brunch & Learn with Bob Littell, April 24th at 10 AM "Paying...
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Members Only Meet & Greet

Read More

Read & Lead Club Premieres at Cornerstone

Join us for Cornerstone at NovoLogic’s first Read & Lead...
Read More

The 2014 Cornerstone at NovoLogic Bracket Challenge

Are you ready to get your head in the game?...
Read More

“Position Yourself to Succeed” Featuring Ken Coleman

Join us as Cornerstone teams with the Georgia Christian Business...
Read More

GCBN Business Empowerment Breakfast

Is your health an asset or a liability to your...
Read More

“Four Baby Steps to Social Selling” Lunch & Learn

What tactics are you using to drive sales this year?...
Read More

GCBN “Stabilize Your Business With a Plan”

Next Thursday, February 20th GCBN will be having their bi-monthly...
Read More

“Shaping Company Culture”

Are you wanting to change, grow, or refocus your Small...
Read More

GCBN “Great Leaders Pray”

We are looking forward to seeing you this month for...
Read More

American Red Cross Blood Drive

January has been National Blood Donor Month since 1970. In...
Read More

Market…. Get Ready, Set, Go!

Cornerstone at NovoLogic is pleased to invite you to a...
Read More

“Getting Your Business on Track” Business Evaluation Breakfast

Read More

“Focusing A Social Marketing Strategy”

Fall is in the air! With a new season in...
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