Adjustments to Work Routines that Boost Productivity

Alex Cavoulacos, president and founder of The Muse, has discovered a few tricks to changing up your routine that will encourage an increase in productivity. Even if you love your routines, and schedules sometimes change is just what you need to refresh yourself and Get. It. Done. She reveals tips from changing your scenery (like at Cornerstone, wink wink), to adjusting the formats of your meetings, and a few other options in between. Alex says, “As awesome as your daily routine may be, switching up the way you plan your day (or where you plan it from) can have a huge effect on your productivity, mood, and work.” Check out what worked for her, and make a change to start noticing productivity today!

5 Boss-Approved Changes That’ll Boost Your Productivity | Alex Cavoulacos, The Muse

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