You Have 53 Mondays in a Year. Here’s How Top Entrepreneurs Use Them


What do Elon Musk, Sheryl Sandberg, and Arianna Huffington all have in common? They use Mondays to work on the business rather than in the business. Entrepreneurs are spending more time than they invest, reacting to emails, attending meetings, dealing with interruptions, and incessantly checking their cell phones. The risk is that 90 percent of the day becomes reactive with no time for strategic thinking or growing the business. The best entrepreneurs, on the other hand, work on the business as much as in the business.

Here’s 3 ways to supercharge your Mondays:

  1. Plan Backward.
  2. Lead Fast and Slow.
  3. Say No Fast and Mean It.

How will you use your 53 Mondays to work on the business? When you take a risk, such as starting your own company or taking over a new team, challenges will occur as sure as night follows day. Becoming an entrepreneur is decision: You can use your 53 Mondays as a space to renew yourself and your business.

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