2019 Health Basics: On Your Mark, Get Set, Go


New year resolutions bring hope and transformation to an area of your life you want to improve or renew. For many people, health is lumped into some category of change. Whether it’s drinking more water, adding a few vegetables to your diet, exercising, or completely changing what you eat. Despite what your 2019 health resolution is, you need to gain the knowledge of where and how to begin a better you. For the month of January, and with assistance from our Isagenix series, we will help you through your health resolutions so they don’t fade as the months pass.

Before you start a gym membership and lose the pounds, it’s important to change the way you eat. And it isn’t easy – a new diet makes the gym look like a piece of cake. You’ve seen the commercials where people eat brownies and lose weight, but taking a natural approach to your diet is best. Opt for less processed foods, sugars, and high calories; and instead have more vegetables, fish, lean meats, and fruits. Although there are infinite scenarios to tackling a new diet and this barely makes a dent in what your unique body needs, there are resources below to help you start your journey.


Once you have an idea of what to eat you’re ready for the gym. If you haven’t been to the gym in some time or if you’ve never been, then it is a daunting place. Questions surrounding what to do, how much time to spend on a workout, and how often to mix up your routine will prevent you from going or experimenting with new exercises. Luckily, there are many ways to unlock these mysteries. Apps make your workouts manageable through their easy-to-follow plans and step-by-step motions. Popular apps from 2018 include Nike Training, Aaptiv, 7-Minute Workout, MyFitnessPal, and Sweat: Kayla Itsines Fitness. Although some of these apps come at a cost, it’s a great way to kick off your 2019 resolution. If the above apps don’t strike your fancy, use the resource below to help.


If you’re really at a loss and would like personal guidance in dieting and fitness, a personal trainer would work best for you. Try gyms like CRUNCH, Fit Body Bootcamp, and Ultimate48. Because most franchised gyms do not offer a nutrition service, don’t hesitate to try locally owned fitness centers in your area. You can also seek advice from your doctor on where to look for nutritional guidance. You may need to separate your personal fitness trainer from your nutrition counselor.

Stay tuned for our Isagenix series as we bring in experts from Hello Fresh, Orange Theory Fitness, and Ebb & Flow. These brands will help break down all you need to know about diet, fitness, and yoga!