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Working from home can be great for many reasons- like getting to stay home in your pajamas and watching Netflix in between work tasks!? But let face it, working from home gets old really fast.

Here’s why working from Cornerstone is better than working from home

  1. Fewer Distractions: From doing laundry, watching kids, and the temptation to watch tv- working from home comes with a lot of distractions. At Cornerstone, we have minimal distractions and a quiet space, which will boost productivity, clarity, and focus. For days when you need a little extra focus or a little extra space, we also have six conference rooms that are perfect for when you just need to hone in and get work done. These are things you just don’t get at home!
  2. Social Interaction: When working from home you just don’t get the same kind of social interaction that you do at Cornerstone, which can lead to loneliness, boredom, and lack of focus. All of these things ultimately affect the quality of your work- and the quality of your life. If you are craving social interaction and a community of like-minded professionals head over to Cornerstone because we have both!
  3. A Place To Bring Clients: You don’t get a professional space to meet clients at when working from home. This leaves you with two options- either meeting at your house, which is unsafe and unprofessional or meeting at a coffee shop, which is noisy and full of distractions. The good news is that Cornerstone is the perfect place to bring and meet clients. Its safe, professional, convenient, and quiet. Clients will be ‘wowed’ when they see where you run your business from because our space is more impressive than your home office.
  4. Easier to Balance Work and Personal Life: When working from home it can be very difficult to balance and separate your work from your personal life. If you’ve ever worked from home then you know how easy it is to allow your work to bleed into every aspect of your personal life, because there is no separation between your office and your house. The beauty of working at Cornerstone is that it provides a much-needed separation from work and life!

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