Cornerstone Highlight: Our Conference Rooms

At Cornerstone, we have six unique conference rooms that are perfect for meetings, presentations and for when you just need a moment to yourself to really focus and concentrate. Each one of our conference rooms has its own unique feel and size, so there is a conference room for everyone and every need.

Here’s a little bit about each of our conference rooms:

Conference Room 1: This conference room seats 8-9 people and is great for larger meetings or for when you just want a little extra space. Its burgundy walls, colorful artwork, and large table give you an airy and open feel without sacrificing a professional and motivating atmosphere.

Conference Room 2 & 3: Both of these conference rooms have a similar look and feel. Each room features airy blue walls and colorful artwork that is sure to inspire you. These conference rooms have a simple yet professional feel and are some of our members’ go-to conference spaces!

Conference Room 4: One of our members favorites is conference room 4. This room features dark walls with unique artwork, a conference style table that has seating for 8-9 people, and plenty of extra space that many of our members have been known to use for a coffee or food station. Try out conference room 4 is perfect for larger meetings or for when you just want a little extra space!

Conference Room 5: Conference room 5 is our largest conference room that features seating for 10-12 people. It also has seating along the perimeter of the room and a couch for additional seating and comfort. Its orange and white walls along with is art-deco inspired accents are not only fun but they are inspiring and spark creativity. Check out room 5 for a fun, unique, and professional conference experience!

Conference Room 6: Room 6 has a bright, airy, and open feel thanks to the large windows that overlook the Lawrenceville square. It also has inspiring yellow walls, fun artwork, and an open feel. The round table has seating for 8 people, which is perfect for interactive meetings and brainstorming sessions. Next time you book a meeting try out room 6, the natural light and unique setting is sure to keep you awake and inspire you!

In addition to all of these amazing features in each of our conference rooms include large screen tvs, laptop plugins, and Airtame operating system to connect your laptop or iPhone to the screen.  The best part is that you can now our conference rooms through our new Cornerstone App!

Stop by the front desk to let us know what your favorite conference room is!

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