What Separates Us From Other Coworking Spaces

It seems like coworking spaces are popping up everywhere. From large companies to smaller companies there are tons of coworking options. We believe that there is something for everyone, but we also believe that Cornerstone offers something different, special, and unique.

Small Business Centered: We are a small business so we understand what it takes to run a small business. That’s why we provide tons of opportunities for our members to expand, grow and challenge themselves and their business. From 24/7 access for Platinum level members, guest passes, monthly enrichment events, unlimited coffee and snacks, and a fun yet productive space to reach your goals we have everything you need as a small business owner and entrepreneur to succeed.

Our Location: We are located in the heart of Gwinnett County, so we’re easy to access for those who call Gwinnett County home. One of the number one reasons our members chose Cornerstone is because it is close to their home and they can avoid the stressful commute to and from Atlanta. Our members spend less time in traffic, have a shorter commute, save gas, and spend less time sitting in the car and more time doing the things that they enjoy- like sleeping in for a few extra minutes! 

Affordability: Compared to other Coworking spaces, we’re more affordable and more cost-effective for you and your small business. Many other coworking spaces are two-three times more expensive, and they don’t include the perks that you get by being a member here at Cornerstone. We offer guest passes, add-on members, unlimited coffee and snacks, and private conference spaces- which save you money, making Cornerstone more affordable for you!

Thanks for choosing to be a member of Cornerstone, we are so grateful to have loyal members like you!

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