Make The Most of Your Membership

In case you didn’t already know we are so appreciative of YOU!  Here are some of the benefits and perks that you have access to by being a Cornerstone member. We have put all of these in place so that you feel appreciated every time you set foot in Cornerstone!

Access to our Cafe: Who doesn’t love free and unlimited coffee, snacks and drinks!? Every day we brew fresh Jittery Joe’s coffee in two bold flavors- Classic, as the name implies, is your classic cup of smooth delicious coffee and Midnight is a bolder and darker roast- once you’ve got your coffee you can top it off with our selection of DaVinci syrups, half n’ half, or choose from our selection of different flavored creamers in our fridge. In addition to coffee, we also have soft drinks, sparkling water, and a variety of sweet and salty snacks for you to munch on throughout your day.  If you have any snacks or drinks that you would like us to stock up on don’t hesitate to let us know, we would love to get them for you so that you feel right at home!

Massage Monday’s: We get it, being a business owner or an entrepreneur can be stressful, so every month we provide an opportunity for you to de-stress and unwind with a fifteen-minute chair massage. The best part is that we host Massage Monday’s right here at Cornerstone, so you don’t have to go far to relax. Check out our next email newsletter to sign up and to select a time slot for our next massage Monday, which will be on May 21st. see you there!

Enrichment and networking events: These are some of our favorite events because they give our members the opportunity to learn something new and to get to know new people.  Every quarter we host a networking event to give you an opportunity to get to know other Cornerstone and community members as well as an opportunity to market your business and brand. Our enrichment events include lunch and learns, meeting style discussions and other fun learning events. Typically, we host an enrichment event on a bi-monthly basis, so stay tuned to learn more about our next event. If you have any topics that you are curious about learning or if you are interested in speaking at an enrichment event please let us know, after all we host these events for you!

Professional space: If you have yet to bring a client into our space then you are missing out. When you bring clients in they are not only impressed, but they feel a level of professionalism and comfort that you simply can’t get at your house or the coffee shop. Next time you have a meeting with a client try bringing them here, you can book a conference room or just meet in the common space, either way, your clients are sure to be wowed! Even if you typically don’t meet with clients face to face our space is great for making quiet phone calls and having important video conference calls.

We hope that you enjoyed learning about the many things that we have worked hard on to make you feel appreciated! If you have any ideas or suggestions as to how we can better serve you please let us know, because we do all of this for you!

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