How to Send Professional Thank You Notes

How to Send Professional Thank You Notes

When is the last time you received a handwritten thank you note? It’s probably been a while, but I’m sure you remember exactly when the last time you received one was, and more importantly who you’ve received it from. Thank you notes leave a lasting impression of you and your business, so make it a point to send them after meeting with an important client, or even use them to thank an employee for all their hard work.

Always send handwritten thank you notes, everyone uses email and text, so mailing a handwritten thank you note is sure to set you apart and mean much more than your standard thank you text or email. It also shows that you are willing to go the extra mile because you’ve taken the time to select a card, write a nice note, and bring it to the post office. A thank you email or text does not require this amount of effort and doesn’t have the same effect as a handwritten and mailed thank you note.

Personalized stationery is the most professional option and is also a great way to market yourself and your company. Include your phone number, email and social media handle in your letterhead to make it easier for your connections to reach back out to you. If you are interested in ordering your own custom thank you notes check out Vista Print or Cards Direct they both have great stationary options that are customizable, professional, and affordable.

Keep your message short and sweet and to the point, but still meaningful and genuine. A good formula when writing thank you notes is greeting (Dear Mr. Smith) + express your thanks (thank you for meeting with me) + add specific details (I enjoyed learning about you and your company) + briefly restate your thanks in a different way (again, thank you for being so open about your companies’ wants and needs) + mention a way to reconnect (I look forward to meeting with you again, call or email me if you want to have coffee sometime soon)  + ending regards (sincerely, John)”.

Send thank you notes out as soon as possible. For business meetings and lunches a good rule of thumb is to send out thank you notes within two weeks, but the sooner the better to reinforce your relationship and what you’ve discussed. For business events and large parties a good rule of thumb is to send out thank you notes no later than a month after the event.

Prioritize sending out thank you notes. Throughout your week keep an ongoing list of people you need to send thank you notes to and set aside a specific time within your week to complete them. If your ever at Cornerstone and need us to mail out your thank you cards feel free to drop your completed cards at the front desk and we’ll be happy to place them in our mailbox to send them out for you!

Also, while we’re on the subject thank you being amazing cornerstone members! We enjoy seeing and talking to each of you every single day! You make us love what we do and we are so grateful for all of you!

Now you are ready to send out your thank you cards! They will be sure to make a lasting impression and set your business apart!

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