Learning To Love Your Job

The average American spends at least 40 hours a week at work, yet a reported 75% of them hate their jobs. Do you fit into this category? Maybe you don’t hate your job, but maybe you aren’t loving it like you use to, or maybe you’ve never really loved it- either way we have a few tips on how to start loving your job!

  1. Make Friends: Sometimes making friends is easier said than done, but it is well worth the effort. Having friends at work not only makes your job more enjoyable, but it also helps motivate you! Friends at work will cheer you on, have your back and lend a helping hand. Making friends at work will also help you feel apart of the team and closer to your coworkers, which will help you feel closer to your job. As you get to know more people at your work you will also feel more connected and closer to the vision and purpose of your company, which will help you enjoy your job!
  2. Change It Up: Sometimes disliking your job comes from the monotony of the day-to-day and from doing the same thing over and over again. The repetition of tasks can really drain your enthusiasm for what it is you’re doing, even if you once enjoyed your tasks. So, if you are you feeling stuck and unmotivated try switching it up! This could mean changing the order in which you complete tasks, rearranging your desk, changing offices, adding a motivational picture to your desk, collaborating with someone new, or rearranging your weekly schedule. These big and small changes will help motivate you, give you energy, and add excitement to your job.
  3. Challenge Yourself: When something gets too easy often times it gets boring and redundant. Maybe it’s time to ask your boss for some new job duties, or maybe it’s time to delegate out tasks that are weighing you down. Adding new job tasks will allow you to explore new things and delegating out tasks will help you clear up your work day to focus on tasks that ignite your energy instead of draining it. Another way to challenge yourself is to learn something new within your field. Knowledge is power and is key to keeping yourself engaged and motivated in your job. You may even learn something that you can bring to your job that will add a fresh level of excitement!

We have tons of opportunities for you to meet new people, challenge yourself, and to switch it up here at Cornerstone! From networking opportunities, lunch and learns, a variety of different types of spaces, and tons of other coworkers to get to know you’re guaranteed to reignite the passion in your job! Here’s to learning to love your job!

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