Learning to Love Mondays

When we say the word Monday, what comes to your mind? Stress? Exhaustion? Do you think about the mountain of things you decided to procrastinate on? Monday’s have an overall negativity that surrounds them, but we’re going to put that to rest. What if we tell you Monday can turn into your favorite day of the week? We’re going to help you flip the script on the first day of the week, no more dreading, only loving Mondays.

  • Mondays are a fresh start. Think of it this way, Mondays are like having a New Year’s Day each week. You get to choose how your week is going to go. You have the power to make a change from how you did things the previous week. Use this fresh start to your advantage, and allow yourself the chance to reset and prepare for the upcoming week.


  • Your productivity is at a peak on mondays! You have been rested all weekend, hopefully, and ready to knock things out. If it’s difficulty to find your productivity on Mondays, try preparing yourself on Friday before leaving the office. Make a todo list of things that need to get done, and also clean out your work bag. Throw away the random sticky notes and trash that was stuffed in there. Set yourself up for a successful Monday and you will barrel through that todo list.


  • Coffee taste better on Mondays. This is a proven fact, at least we think so. When that first sip of coffee touches your soul on a Monday morning, you can conquer the world! Good thing for you, we always have hot and fresh coffee at Cornerstone!


We don’t ever want to hear that you hate Mondays again! It’s time to ditch the Monday blues. Grab a cup of coffee and make Monday the best day of your week!

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