Lets Get Innovative!

Innovation is the process of implementing new methods, products or ideas. Innovation is an important part of any business, but let’s face it, sometimes we are stuck in a box that we just can’t get out of. Here are a few easy tips to help spark your innovation:

  1. Collaborate: The old saying ‘two heads are better than one’ stands true! Getting around other entrepreneurs and like-minded people can spark your creativity and innovation. Our coworking space is the perfect place to network, meet other businesses and to collaborate. Try setting aside an hour this week to brainstorm and collaborate with other businesses here at Cornerstone to help bring some innovation to your business!
  2. Create: Let your imagination and creativity run wild by creating a vision board! Creating a vision board is a fun way to get your hopes, goals, desires, and dreams for your company and for your life down on paper. You can add images, quotes, bible verses and other things that inspire you to your vision board… the options are limitless! Once your board is complete you can set goals and action plans based on what you’ve included on your board. You can also place your vision board on your desk or somewhere you need a little extra inspiration. Innovation is sure to come out of your limitless vision board!  
  3. Implement: Now you are ready to implement your innovative new ideas! Don’t be afraid to just go for it. Keep in mind that innovation requires a level of trial and error. You may find that your new idea works for your organization, or you may find the opposite, but both are good things! Often times the best ideas come out of failure. As Woody Allen once said, “if you’re not failing every now and then, its a sign your not doing anything very innovative.”

We hope these tips have inspired you as much as they have inspired us! We can’t wait to see your innovative new ideas, plans and products come to life!

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