Springing Up Your Social Media

Oh, how we love social media. Let’s be honest, we try to give it up, but we just can’t. It’s our nature to want to be in the loop all of the time. It’s really not difficult to spend hours upon hours just scrolling to look at the beautiful pictures and creations that people post on Instagram and Facebook. Some people are just born with the talent that it takes to create beautiful photos and campaigns to share with the world. Other people, like myself, need a little training when it comes to creating social media masterpieces.

Spring seems to be a time when we all need to find our inner marketing genius. Our social media feeds seems to transition from the dark, gloomy black and white photos of winter, to the bright, vibrant colors of spring. Managing the seasonal change in your social media presence is something that small business owners and entrepreneurs need to master. Luckily for you, we’ve done all of the dirty work, so you just get to steal these fun tips for springing up your social media posts!

  • Post Beautiful Content
    • Okay, this is a given, right? But spring is all about flowers, sunshine and fun. Let this reflect in your instagram posts. Beauty makes people do a double take. They will scroll right past your post, but it will catch their eye, so the typical person will go to your company’s instagram feed and click that follow button. Plus, fun things and bright colors make people happy, and noone has ever complained about happy customers.
  • Share Your Community
    • People come together in the spring. It’s a wonderful time to be outdoors at the park or at a festival in the Lawrenceville square. Take the time to showcase your community in your social media posts. This can also be an opportunity to collaborate with other small businesses in your area. Feature one another on your pages, and you will each gain loyal followers from that collaboration.
    • Also take this time to volunteer in your community, and share that with your followers. Ask for assistance from your local followers cleaning up a park, or helping with beautification of your neighborhood. This is a great way to build a personal relationship with your followers and also celebrate Earth day, which brings us to our next tip.
  • Celebrate the Holidays
    • There are so so many holidays that fall during the springtime. Take the time to celebrate those! Mother’s day, Easter, April Fools day, Earth day, St Patrick’s day, the list is endless. Use these holidays to offer discounts to your followers or maybe even have a fun social media game.
  • #HashtagItUp
    • Don’t be afraid to over use this tool, especially to help boost your follower count! Utilize any and every hashtag that comes to your mind, that is relatable to your posts. One tip we have learned, is to use your hashtags in the comments section. It makes your post look less cluttered, but also allows people to find your content while searching through a particular hashtag.

Spring is a transitional period for us all. Your social media page and the content you post should relate to your client, this will help them connect to you and your business better. You will definitely be able to grow that connection, and your follower total, by implying these tips to your everyday social media posts!

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