Member Spotlight: Tolu Akande

Every few weeks, we pick a Cornerstone member to sit down with to get a better insight of who they are and what they do. We were honored to have the chance to sit down with Tolu Akande, of ToluCoaches for a few minutes. Tolu has been a member of Cornerstone since February of 2018, and has made himself at home! He has become a familiar face at Cornerstone and a delightful edition to the Cornerstone family!

Tolu is the owner and primary coach at ToluCoaches. His main goal through his career is to help individuals achieve the goals they created for themselves but didn’t accomplish. Tolu primarily coaches millennials directly and coaches companies that employ millennials. Millennials have a different type of strengths and mindsets than the older generations of workers. According to Tolu, millennials are emotionally connected to their work, and like to see change based on the work they do. Making a difference is a necessity for many millennials. They feel the need to tie a why to their work.  

While we were talking, Tolu said something that helped give a better insight to what coaches do. He said “Counselors look back. Psychiatrists diagnose. Psychologists analyze. Mentors give input. Coaches unearth desires and help accomplish goals for the acceleration of growth.” He has a why to his work, like the millennials that he coaches. Tolu thrives on seeing other fulfill their dreams. Being an entrepreneur himself, he said his biggest piece of advice is to find out what you are willing to sacrifice on and what you aren’t. There needs to be certain aspects of your life that you are unwavering on, determine what those while you are deciding if becoming an entrepreneur is worth it for you.

Tolu has been a wonderful addition to Cornerstone! He joined us in February and loves this space. He is apart of one of Cornerstone’s corporate memberships with 2 other coaches. Cornerstone has helped Tolu by giving him a professional place to work without the stress and constraints of owning a building. With a newborn baby boy, Cornerstone has given him the flexibility to access the building 24/7, so he isn’t missing quality time with his family. Tolu also loves that he is able to meet clients in our conference rooms. It gives him, as an entrepreneur, a professional presence with his clients.

Cornerstone is so thankful to have had the opportunity to learn more about Tolu and to have him apart of the Cornerstone family. We are certain he would love it for you to stop by and say hi. Who knows, you might could even collaborate together!

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