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Get up from your desk and go take a whiff outside. Do you smell that? Fall is here, y’all! We don’t know about you, but there is something so refreshing about the cooler weather, leaves changing colors and pumpkin flavored everything! This time of the year brings big changes, not just with the season, but also with your business. Consumers tend to have a different mindset toward the end of the year. Their minds are changing with the weather. It is crucial to make sure you keep your marketing techniques current to the trends and what people are wanting to see. But while it’s necessary to evolve, it’s even more important not to lose what is unique about your business in the process. We have come up with a few tips for you to keep things fresh and new during this season change.

  1. Publish content on the weekends During the workweek, people get too busy working, and when they are home there is always laundry to be done, dinner to be made, or kids that need chauffeuring. Especially now that the thrill of summer has gone away, people are spending more time at home during the weekends, which means they are using their phone and social media more. Your social media content is more likely to gain attention during those 2 days than it would on a ‘school night.’
  2.  Give out Information: Relationships are built on trust. You want your present and future consumers and clients to trust you, right? Try giving them information and tools to help them succeed. Maybe try using your favorite inspirational quote, or like we do on our Cornerstone Instagram, try a ‘Tuesday Tip.’ That could be anything from how to use your product most efficiently to even a post with how to plan your day out better. You are building a relationship with your followers, help them out and they will return the favor.
  3. Try having themes: Back to the relationships, having themes will give your social media some consistency and also help build those connections with your followers. Here’s an idea, try having a weekly theme with your social media to help break down a larger topic. Let’s use Small Business week as an example. During that week, we could highlight a few small businesses in our area, promote an event that is focused on small businesses, maybe even give our followers some discount codes or coupons to help grow said local businesses clientele and followings. This could be done for anything, holidays, a partnership, or a new product/service that you are introducing.
  4. Use other outlets: In 2017, it seems that there’s an entire world at our fingertips. Most people tend to stick to Facebook and Twitter. Those are the big ones. But research new outlets. Try Instagram, Flickr, even partnering with other businesses to post of their pages. At Cornerstone, we have recently teamed up with a few other blog sites to collaborate and share information. We will post their blogs and they post some of ours. That is a cool thing to get into because you are both benefitting.

We genuinely hope you take this and are able to apply it to your business. We are growing and learning with you. The one thing we want to take out of our marketing techniques, is that we are helping our members. You are growing, evolving and learning, just as we are. We are in the together!

If you have other techniques you would like to share with us, or if you would like to write for our website, please reach out to us!

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