Member Spotlight: Kelly Goldson

Every few weeks, we like to sit down with one of our Cornerstone members to get to know them better. We like to learn about what they do for a living, why they enjoy their job, and just learn more about them as a person. We were so lucky to be able to sit down with Kelly Goldson, the founder of Heart of Hosanna and talk to her about her ministry. Heart of Hosanna is a ministry that shares the word of God all over the world. Kelly was called to do evangelical work. She loves people and loves God. She feels like it is her job to make sure people know the truth about God and why He loves them so.

Kelly has been in the ministry for roughly 10 years, which is surprising to many people because she is so young. Kelly found God at a young age and found her calling at a younger age than most people. She has met so many people through her years in the ministry, many of who she has prayed with and watched God transform their life. That is her favorite part about the work she does. It is so miraculous to meet people who are broken and discouraged then see where God takes them. God’s plan for our life is so much bigger than our plans. We just have to put our trust in Him and have faith that God knows what He’s doing.

God has opened up so many doors for Kelly through Heart of Hosanna. She has been able to form relationships with churches all over the world, specifically in Kenya, the Middle East and India. It is very difficult to get Bibles to churches in that part of the world. Christianity doesn’t have a large following in other parts of the world, so many of these churches face persecution. One church, in the Middle East, reached out to Heart of Hosanna for help. They needed Bibles and didn’t have a way to get them. Kelly has been able to raise funds by selling bracelets. She has raised enough to send over 30 Bibles to those who want to dig deeper into the Word of God. This couldn’t have been possible without the support of our Cornerstone members. Kelly and Heart of Hosanna thank you, from the bottom of their heart!

One neat thing that Kelly has been doing at Cornerstone is writing a book she started 5 years ago. She has been able to finish it and is starting the editing and publishing process. Kelly loves the environment here. It has been easier to work because it’s more difficult to find her focus at home. Heart of Hosanna also holds quite a few prayer groups, it was best for them to meet in a mutual spot, rather than someone’s home. Kelly also told us that she loves the space too! It feels like home to her, and it gives her room to grow. She has hopes and dreams for her time at Cornerstone; who she wants to become, how she wants to grow in the Lord and how she sees her ministry growing. Kelly was extremely grateful when she stumbled upon Cornerstone because it was like God lead them here right when she started looking for an office.

Kelly loves helping other people learn. One thing she has learned while at Cornerstone is not to be discouraged by failure. It happens, it’s a part of life. She has met many members here who have shared with their mistakes and failures with her. This has helped Kelly grow. She loves to listen to people and how they have grown in their business and also in Christ. Before we wrapped up our interview, Kelly left us with a tidbit of advice; “Try again and fail better.” That is something she lives by, it has tremendously helped her in her walk with Christ and growing her ministry.

We love having Kelly as a part of our family here. She adds so much love and spirit to Cornerstone. Her love for Christ and her love for people is so inspiring. If you get a chance, swing by and say hi to Kelly. She would love it and we promise you will walk away with a lifelong friend!

To find out more about Heart of Hosanna or to volunteer on their prayer team, check out her website!

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